Friday, February 29, 2008

Sarah Lee - Female Wrestling

Wrestler: Sarah Lee
Real Name: Sarah Ray
Other Names: Sarah "The Ticket Lady" on TNA
Born: January 18, 1931, Gainesboro, Tennessee , Retired in Old Hickory, Tennessee
Marital Status: Married to Corsica Joe
Feuds: Cora Combs

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sarah Stock / Dark Angel

Wrestler: Sarah Stock
Real Name: Sarah Stock
Born: Mar 4, 1979
Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Height & Weight: 5'6" - 120lbs
Trained by: Phil Lafon, Eddie Watts
Pro Wrestling Debut: February 22, 2002
Previous Gimmicks: Sarah Stone, Sarah Swayze, Natasha Graves, "Sweet" Sarah, Sarah Griffin, Dark Angel, Canadian Dark Angel
Notable Feuds: Samantha Slides (Can-Am), Lovely Rachel (RAW), Charlotte Webb (Can-Am), Trinity Estacado (TCP), Kyle Kruze (MSW)
Titles Held: Can-Am Wrestling Federation women's - 2002, Lucha Libre Feminil Juvenil champion - 2003

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sara Calloway

Real Name: Sara Calloway
Nickname: Sara
Current Title: Undertaker's Ex -Wife ( That's enough!)
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Date of birth: January 1977
From: Long Beach, California
Resides: Florida
Pro debut: May 2001

Sara Calloway worked for a woman whose grandchildren were big Undertaker fans. Sara explains "He was signing autographs in San Diego, so I thought it'd be nice to take her grandkids to see him. He drove up in his limo and he got out. We looked at each other and we've been together ever since."

Undertaker's "Sara" tattoo on his throat was his wedding gift to his wife, whom he married on July 21st, 2000. Sara has "Mark" tattooed on the back of her neck as well as 3 other tattoos.

After getting married Sara would go on the occasional road trip with her husband - about once a month. "I wanted to spend more days with him because he's gone four days a week," Sara told "I only have three days a week, and the three days he gets home might get interrupted by an autograph session or whatever special appearance he has to do. "No matter how good your relationship is, you can't just survive on a couple days a week of seeing each other."

The 5'10" 24-year old blonde, blue-eyed Sara admits that she has quite the temper, which got her into trouble when she was younger. And today, more than ever, you wouldn't want to mess with her since the Undertaker has taught her some fighting techniques, including submission holds.

Eventually she was asked to participate in a high-profile storyline involving Undertaker and Diamond Dallas Page. Sara agreed, but only if she didn't have to act like the proverbial "damsel in distress." "I didn't want to be portrayed as something I'm not," she said. "I am pretty tough and that's the way I wanted to be portrayed. I've never claimed to be a wrestler, but I do know how to fight." Sara said she's always been a tomboy and has worked as a furniture mover since she was 11.

She made her WWF debut on May 28th, 2001 on a video clip shown during Raw. While enjoying the privacy of her home, she was combing her hair before being startled by something or someone moving outside her window. As video footage was shown over the next several weeks it became more and more apparent that a "stalker" was following Sara, and that he was happy tormenting her husband with his off-color remarks

As the weeks went by, it became more and more apparent - via video footage - that she had attracted a "stalker" who had no regard for the fact that she was the Undertakers wife. Eventually it was disclosed that Diamond Dallas Page was her "stalker" which led to a number of matches that usually left DDP on the short end. The feud only lasted 3 months (until the end of August 2001) with Sara just "disappearing" from any storylines involving her husband.

Sara Calloway and Debra Backstage Segment

Monday, February 25, 2008

Female Wrestling: Sandy Partlow

Wrestler: Sandy Partlow
Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri
Marital Status: Married to Buzz Tyler (Buzz Tyler wrestled in the Mid Atlantic)

Wendi Richter vs Sandy Partlow

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Female Wrestling: Sable / Rena Mero part 4

Sable - wwe - wrestling - wwe diva

Rena returned to the WWF (now known as WWE) on the April 3, 2003 episode of SmackDown!, reprising her role as Sable. Sable continued as a heel and spent several months in a storyline with Torrie Wilson. Sable followed Torrie down to her matches, talked with her backstage, and on one occasion, she left Torrie in a tag match alone to fend for herself. Sable eventually challenged Wilson to a showdown bikini contest at Judgment Day. After Sable got the bigger applause, Torrie removed another layer of clothing, and Special Guest Referee Tazz declared Torrie the winner. After the match, Torrie went up to Sable and kissed her before exiting the ring. Sable then had an altercation with the guest judge Tazz, dumping water on him on the following edition of SmackDown!, as a means of gaining revenge for declaring Wilson the winner.

Sable then feuded with Stephanie McMahon in a storyline where she was Vince McMahon's mistress. Sable was appointed as Stephanie McMahon's personal assistant against Stephanie's will, starting the feud between the duo. During the feud, they had several catfights, a food fight, a parking lot brawl, and a match where Sable bashed a clipboard over Stephanie's head.
At Vengeance, Sable finally defeated Stephanie after interference by her new ally, A-Train.
At SummerSlam, Sable accompanied A-Train in a match against The Undertaker, which A-Train lost. After the match, The Undertaker held Sable so that Stephanie could use a Spear attack on her. After SummerSlam, Mr. McMahon and Sable focused on getting rid of Stephanie for good, so Vince made an "I Quit" match at No Mercy. In the match, Sable slapped Stephanie and was attacked by Linda McMahon. She also handed Vince the lead pipe that he used to choke Stephanie out for the win.

Sable briefly became a face again and teamed up with Torrie Wilson. The duo feuded with RAW divas Stacy Keibler and Miss Jackie, even though all four women were faces at the time. The two teams squared off at WrestleMania XX in an Interpromotional Tag Team Evening Gown match, but the divas started the match in their underwear, making it more of a lingerie match. Sable and Wilson were victorious. The change was rumored to have occurred because Sable had suffered damage to her breast.

After WrestleMania XX, Sable quickly turned heel again and engaged in another short feud with Torrie Wilson. The feud culminated in a match at The Great American Bash, which Sable won. Sable's final appearance in WWE was on SmackDown! when she, Dawn Marie, and Torrie Wilson accompanied Eddie Guerrero to the ring in his lowrider. On August 10, 2004, WWE's official website announced that Rena Mero and WWE had parted ways. Mero claimed that she left the company to spend more time with her family.

Mero, along with Brock Lesnar, appeared at several New Japan Pro Wrestling shows after her WWE release. After Rena and Marc Mero became officially divorced in 2004, she began dating Brock, whom she became engaged to later that year. The engagement was called off in early 2005, but they were engaged again in January 2006. They eventually married. It was reported by Yahoo! Sports that they were no longer married; however, this was proven to be false in a recent interview with Sable in which she confirmed they are still married.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Female Wrestling: Sable / Rena Mero part 3

In 1999, as part of a new storyline, Sable was attacked by a masked woman named Spider Lady, who turned out to be Luna. Sable defeated Luna in a Strap match at the Royal Rumble after an assist from a planted female Sable fan, WWF newcomer Tori. Tori's debut signified a change in Sable's persona. After the Rumble, Rena (under her Sable ring name) was featured as the cover girl for the April 1999 issue of Playboy. The issue was one of the highest selling issues of Playboy ever. Surrounding the release of the issue, the Sable character turned heel by "going Hollywood" and having an inflated ego. Rarely defending her title, Sable continually berated her fan Tori, and she feuded with both Tori and Luna Vachon (who had turned face). She debuted a new catch phrase: "This is for all the women who want to be me and all the men who come to see me" and a dance move called "the grind." The feud with Tori led to a match at WrestleMania XV. During the contest, Nicole Bass debuted as Sable's bodyguard and helped Sable win the match.

Sable went on with Nicole Bass making Bass do all of her dirty work. Sable continued to hold the championship for almost 6 months, but on May 10, 1999, Debra "won" the Women's Championship from Sable in an Evening Gown match. Normally in an Evening Gown match, the winner is the woman who forcibly removes her opponent's dress, which Sable did. As part of the storyline, WWF Commissioner Shawn Michaels, however, ruled that the woman who had lost her dress was the winner, making Debra the new Women's Champion. Off-screen, Sable was in a dispute with the WWF, which is why she was stripped of the title on-screen.

In June 1999, Rena Mero quit the WWF and filed a $110 million lawsuit against the company, citing allegations of sexual harassment and unsafe working conditions. She claims to have filed the lawsuit after refusing to go topless. During the course of the lawsuit, Vince McMahon counter-sued Rena over control of the stagename "Sable". Mero reduced the amount she was seeking in damages, and they eventually settled out of court in August 1999. Rena Mero used her real name for her appearance in the September 1999 issue of Playboy. She was the first woman in history to be given two Playboy covers in the same year. After her WWF exit, she made an on-camera appearance as an audience member on WCW's Nitro.

During this time, Rena made appearances on The Howard Stern Show and Late Night with Conan O'Brien. She also made appearances on television shows such as Relic Hunter and First Wave and in the films Corky Romano as a female bouncer and Ariana's Quest. She released her autobiography, entitled Undefeated in August 2000. She also released a comic book entitled The 10th Muse starring herself as a superhero. In May 2001, Mero was given an advice column on CompuServe. On November 13 and November 14, 2001, she appeared as the on-camera "CEO" of the newly formed X Wrestling Federation (XWF), but these were her only appearances with the company.

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Female Wrestling: Sable / Rena Mero part 2

Rena Greek was born in Jacksonville, Florida. She was active in her youth and was interested in activities such as gymnastics, horseback riding, and softball. After winning her first beauty pageant at twelve years of age, she eventually became a model in 1990, working with companies such as L'Oréal, Pepsi, and Guess?

Greek married Wayne Richardson in 1986. The two eventually had a daughter named Mariah. The two remained married until Richardson died in a drunk-driving accident in 1991. She met her second husband, professional wrestler and former boxer Marc Mero, who had been performing in World Championship Wrestling as "Johnny B. Badd", in 1993. Mero also had breast augmentation surgery in 1993 to increase her self-esteem. After marrying Marc Mero in the following year, she broke into the wrestling business through the World Wrestling Federation.

Rena Mero made her World Wrestling Federation debut as Sable at WrestleMania XII in March 1996, escorting Hunter Hearst Helmsley to the ring as he took on the returning The Ultimate Warrior. Rena's first major angle as Sable involved her then real-life husband, who debuted at WrestleMania XII as "Wildman" Marc Mero. After witnessing Sable being kayfabe mistreated by Helmsley backstage, the "Wildman" attacked Helmsley and took Sable as his manager. She remained Mero's manager until his injury in 1997. Between 1997 and the time he returned from his injury in 1998, Sable became popular on her own. In her next storyline, a returning Marc Mero (now known as "Marvelous" Marc Mero) became jealous, refused to let Sable get any of the spotlight, and mistreated her. The duo entered into a feud with Luna Vachon and The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust, which climaxed in a match at WrestleMania XIV. Sable delivered a superkick to Goldust and executed a "Sable Bomb", a version of the powerbomb, on Luna. She also delivered a TKO and pinned Luna to finish the match, with the crowd chanting Sable's name in the background. At the following pay-per-view event, Unforgiven, Sable lost to Luna in an Evening Gown match after being distracted by Marc Mero.

After Marc's interference at Unforgiven, Sable came to the ring and challenged Marc to a match. Sable then kicked him in the groin and delivered a Sable Bomb to get revenge. Sable eventually broke away from "Marvelous" Marc Mero, who debuted Jacqueline as his new manager, resulting in a storyline feud between the two women. The two met in a bikini contest in July at Fully Loaded. Sable, only wearing impressions of hands painted on her exposed breasts, won the contest. The next night on RAW however, Vince McMahon disqualified Sable from the previous night's contest since she did not actually wear a bikini, and the match was then awarded to Jacqueline. In response, Sable gave McMahon the double finger. At SummerSlam, Sable and her mystery partner, federation newcomer Edge, defeated Marc Mero and Jacqueline in a mixed tag team match.

Sable and Jacqueline faced off for the newly reinstated WWF Women's Title on the September 21, 1998 edition of RAW. Jacqueline claimed the title after Marc Mero interfered. On November 15, 1998 at Survivor Series, she dropped the title to Sable, who won after powerbombing both Marc and Jacqueline during the match. During this time, Rena had a guest appearance on an episode of the USA Network show Pacific Blue. Sable then briefly entered a storyline where she was forced to play a subservient role to Vince and Shane McMahon, but the storyline was cut short.

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Female Wrestling: Sable / Rena Mero

Image Hosted by
Wrestler Name: Sable
Real Name: Rena Mero
Born: August 8, 1967, Jacksonville, Florida
Marital Status: Divorced from Marc Mero, Married to Brock Lesnar
Height & Weight: 5'7" - 120 lbs
Trained by: WWF & Marc Mero
Pro Wrestling Debut: 1996
Titles: WWF Women's Title
Previous Gimmicks: Triple H's Valet
Finishing Move: Sable Bomb (Powerbomb into a sliding prawn hold) , TKO - 1998; Adopted from then-husband Marc Mero
Favorite Wrestling Moves: Frankensteiner , Hair-pull snapmare , Diving crossbody , Various martial arts kicks , Low blow
Notable Feuds: Triple H, Luna Vachon, Tori, Jacqueline, Marc Mero, Debra, Torrie Wilson, Stacy Keibler, Miss Jackie

Rena Mero Lesnar (born August 8, 1967) is an American model, actress, and former professional wrestler. She is primarily known for her stints in World Wrestling Entertainment as the buxom Sable character.

Before gaining popularity in the world of sports entertainment, Mero worked as a model for L'Oréal, Pepsi, and Guess?. Along with her second husband Marc Mero, she began working for the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in 1996. As Sable, she was one of the first WWE Divas, she gained considerable popularity, surpassing that of her husband. After feuding with both Luna Vachon and Jacqueline Moore, Sable became the second WWF Women's Champion after the title was reinstated into the company. After becoming a heel and leaving the company, Mero filed a $110 million lawsuit against the company, citing allegations of sexual harassment and unsafe working conditions.

In 2003, she returned to the newly renamed World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) where she was put into a storyline feud with Torrie Wilson, and another storyline as Vince McMahon's mistress. In 2004, she left the company to spend more time with her family. After leaving WWE, Mero married Brock Lesnar.

Outside of wrestling, Mero has been featured on the cover of Playboy three times. The April 1999 issue of the magazine with her on the cover was one of the highest selling issues in Playboy history. She has also guest starred on several television series, including Pacific Blue. She also appeared in the film Corky Romano.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Female Wrestling, Rockin Robin

Image Hosted by

Wrestler Name: Rockin' Robin
Real Name: Robin Denise Smith
Birthday: October 9, 1964
Hometown: Originally Charlotte, NC
Currently New Orleans, LA
Marital Status: Single
Height & Weight: 5'8" - 145 lbs
Trained by: Nelson Royal
Pro Wrestling Debut: 1986
Finishing Move: The Bulldog
Favorite Wrestling Moves: Corkscrew crossbody , Running crossbody , Dropkick
Notable Feuds: Susan Green, Judy Martin, Candy Divine, Sensational Sherri

Robin Denise Smith, better known by her stage name Rockin' Robin, is a professional wrestler. She is the youngest daughter of wrestler Aurelian "Grizzly" Smith, half-sister of Jake Roberts, and sister of Sam Houston.

Rockin' Robin debuted in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in late 1987. She competed at the first Survivor Series as a member of The Fabulous Moolah's team. Throughout 1988, she feuded with Sensational Sherri for the WWF Women's Championship.

On October 7, 1988, she defeated Sensational Sherri for the Women's Championship in Paris. At the 1989 Royal Rumble, she defended the title against Judy Martin. She continued to feud with Sherri and Martin throughout the spring. At WrestleMania V, she sang America the Beautiful. Backstage, Sherri took the opportunity to mock her. Robin continued to defend the Women's title against Martin throughout the summer of 1989. Robin held the championship until 1990, when she left the company, and the title was retired by the WWF. The title remained inactive until 1993.

On June 9, 1991, Robin defeated Candi Devine to become the first UWF Women's Champion at UWF Beach Brawl, the company's first and only pay-per-view.

Robin also competed in the Ladies' Professional Wrestling Association (LPWA). She formed a tag team with former WWF Women's Champion Wendi Richter and competed at LPWA's only PPV: LPWA Super Ladies Showdown.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Rochelle Loewen - Former WWE Diva

Wrestler: Rochelle Loewen
Birthday: October 26, 1979
Hometown: Alberta, Canada
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 120lbs

Rochelle Loewen was born on October 26th, 1979 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
She is a Canadian broadcaster, and former glamour model,and you may remember her as a WWE Diva on SmackDown!.
You "may" remember her because she wasnt really involved in that much on the show.

Like several other Divas, she was originally a model and competed in Canada's Hawaiian Tropic contests.
She won the title of Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada (1999-2000) and went on to appear in fitness publications like Muscle & Fitness and Muscle & Fitness Hers.
I'm gonna guess she was seen by John Laurinaitis.

Rochelle first showed up on WWE RAW, then went to SmackDown! where she was involved in a few spots with fellow Divas Michelle McCool, Lauren Jones, Dawn Marie, Amy Weber and Joy Giovanni.
Yes it was during the time when WWE had a lot of Divas, but not so many wrestlers.
They just basically came out and stood around looking pretty.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Female Wrestling: Rita Cortez

Wrestler: Rita Cortez
Real Name: Rita Cortez-Lee
Hometown: Living in Nashville, Tennessee
Marital Status: Was Married to Buddy Lee, Now Widowed
Trained by: Fabulous Moolah
Previous Gimmicks: The Mexican Spitfire
Notable Feuds: Fabulous Moolah ( Who she beat on October 1963 for the Big Time Wrestling World Women's title) , Alma Mills, Judy Grable, Peggy Allen, Fran Gravette, Olga Martinez

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Riot - WOW: Women of Wrestling

Riot - WOW
Wrestler: Riot
Real Name: April Katherine Littlejohn
Birthday: October 30th, 1974
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Height: 5'10"
Finishing Moves: Powerbomb, Diving Corkscrew Elbow Drop

WOW - Riot
April Katherine Littlejohn made quite an impression on fans of WOW Women of Wrestling as the baseball wielding heavy metal maniac Riot.
After WOW she appeared in Chicks with Sticks: Live at the Grand Slam (2005) as the Red Warrior.
She also did stunts in "Six Feet Under", Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation, "She Spies" , "Alias", House on Haunted Hill and Happy, Texas.
People still mention Riot on wrestling forums to this day. 

Riot - female wrestling

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Reggie Bennett - Womens Wrestling

Wrestler: Reggie Bennett
Birthday: January 24, 1961
Hometown: San Diego, California
Billed from Venice Beach, California, Retired in Japan
Marital Status: Married to Kenji Ishihara
Height & Weight: 5' 8, 175lbs
Pro Wrestling Debut: 1988
Finishing Move: The Reggie Rack
Favorite Moves: The Global Bomb

Reggie Bennett is an American former female professional wrestler most known for her work in Joshi Puroresu organizations such as All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling. She was a power wrestler who usually wrestled as a heel and overpowered smaller opponents with moves such as the Reggie Rack and the Global Bomb.

She began her wrestling career in the independent Californian circuit in 1986. After making her pro debut, she was signed to the Ladies Professional Wrestling Association (LPWA) . Reggie participated in the LPWA Japan Title tournament during the February 23, 1992 pay-per-view LPWA Super Ladies Showdown losing by disqualification in the semi-final round.

Reggie signed with All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling in 1994 and competed there for several years. She faced Chigusa Nagayo at the Big Egg Wrestling Universe show at the Tokyo Dome on November 20, 1994. She won the IWA World Women's Championship on May 15, 1995, defeating Manami Toyota. At the time, Toyota also held the WWWA World Heavyweight Championship, the most prestigious title in Japanese women's wrestling, although that title was not on the line in that match. She lost the IWA belt later in 1995 to Takako Inoue. Bennett then went on to capture the All Pacific Championship by defeating Mariko Yoshida and then Kaoru Ito in a tournament on June 22, 1996, although she would again lose her title to Takako Inoue.

On April 12, 1997, Bennett was one of the featured speakers at a banquet honoring Terry Funk. The following night at ECW Barely Legal, she debuted as a member of Raven's Nest interfering with the ECW Heavyweight Championship match between Funk and Raven.

On November 14, 1997, Bennett joined ARSION, forming a monster heel stable of American wrestlers with newcomer Jessica Soto, who was billed as Reggie's younger sister Jessica Bennett. The duo was one of the featured teams in the Twinstar of Arsion tournament and video collection.

Bennett married the Japanese musician Kenji Ishihara in August 2000. Later that year she decided to retire from wrestling, fighting Manami Toyota in her farewell match on March 4, 2001. Following her retirement, her career was memorialized in the video release Reggie Bennett in Japan.

Bennett also had small roles in a number of films, first appearing in Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone (1983). She also had a cameo role in the Sylvester Stallone film Over the Top (1987).

Here's a video on YouTube posted by tgwrestler of Reggie taking on Candy Devine in the old LPWA women's wrestling promotion

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Rebecca Knox - Female Wrestling

Well here it is.....
The 300th post.

Rebecca Knox

Wrestler: Rebecca Knox
Real Name: Rebecca Quin
Born: January 30th, 1987
Hometown: Originally from Dublin, Ireland, Briefly Lived in Canada, Returned to Dublin, Ireland
Marital Status: Not Married
Height : 5'6"
Weight: 135 lbs
Trained by: Fergal Devitt, Gonzo De Mondo, NWA UK
Pro Wrestling Debut: November 11th, 2002
Previous Gimmicks: K-NOX
Finishing Wrestling Move: Falcon Arrow, Double Springboard Leg Drop
Favorite Wrestling Moves: T-bone Suplex, Spring Board Leg Drop, Hurrancarana, Arm Bars, Leg Locks, Wrist Locks
Notable Feuds: Jezebel (NWA UK), Miss Chevius (ECCW), Gonzo de Mondo, Robbie Morissy, Lexie Fyfe , Daizee Haze

Rebecca Quin is an Irish professional wrestler better known by her ring name, Rebecca Knox, or K-nox.
She made her professional debut on November 11, 2002. Knox would begin working in promotions all over Europe by 2005 including France's all-female promotion Queens of Chaos.

On June 24, 2005, Rebecca defeated Miss Chevius to become the first ever ECCW NWA Supergirls Champion. She would hold the title for over nine months including successful title defenses against LuFisto and Cheerleader Melissa. Rebecca would eventually lose the title on April 21, 2006 to Lisa Moretti.

In November of 2005, Rebecca completed a two-week tour of Japan wrestling for IWGP. She was undefeated over the course of the tour winning all seven matches in which she was involved. During this tour, on November 9, 2005, Rebecca won an 18-person (9 women, 9 men) battle royal.

Rebecca would go on to work for several independent wrestling promotions including SHIMMER Women Athletes, Ring Divas' Battle Angels, ECCW, AWA UK and Catch Wrestling Association.

On June 4, 2006, Rebecca defeated Sweet Saraya to become the Fighting Spirit Federation Women's Champion or better known as The Queen of Chaos.

On September 23, 2006, She lost the Queen of Chaos title to Sweet Saraya in the UK.

On October 11, 2006, it was posted on Rebecca's website that she had suffered a potentially career threatening head injury during a match in Germany that took place on September 26, 2006. Given the symptoms Knox was suffering in the days following the match, it was believed by doctors that damage extended to the 8th Cranial Nerve and a brain scan would need to be conducted to determine the severity of damage. The rest of her wrestling dates were canceled for the 2006 year and no official updates have been given regarding her condition as of January 2008.

Rebecca Knox - female wrestling

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Rebecca DiPietro - WWE Diva

Image Hosted by
Rebecca DiPietro (born April 14, 1979) is an American model and former pro wrestling personality best known for her stint as the backstage interviewer for World Wrestling Entertainment's ECW brand.

In 2001, DiPietro appeared in the pages of Playboy. She appeared again in 2003 as "Cyber Girl of the Week" for the first week of June, when WWE divas Torrie Wilson and Sable were on the cover. She also finished second place in Mystique Magazine's Mystical Journeys worldwide model search, beating out over 4,000 other contestants. As a runner-up, she became a Mystique Siren, and posed nude for the magazine. She has also appeared in the magazine Stuff, as a cover girl and model. She also won the USA title for Miss Hawaiian Tropics International Pageant in 2005, and she can now add winner of Miss MET-Rx Model Search contest for 2008.

DiPietro first came to World Wrestling Entertainment as one of the contestants in 2006 diva search. On the July 31, 2006 edition of WWE RAW she became the 3rd contestant eliminated.Despite being eliminated from the contest, she was hired by WWE four days later.

After her hiring, she was assigned to developmental territory Deep South Wrestling for training. She made her Deep South debut on September 3, 2006 in a backstage segment with Matt Striker, and from there began appearing in more segments and bikini contests. In mid October 2006, DiPietro began making appearances at Extreme Championship Wrestling brand house shows, and eventually became the brand's television "backstage interviewer" on the October 17 episode of ECW on Sci Fi. She also made a pay-per-view appearance at the November 2006 Cyber Sunday event, acting as a "Lumberjill" for the WWE Women's Championship match. On March 22, 2007, however, DiPietro asked to be released from her World Wrestling Entertainment contract.

Wrestler Dave Bautista confessed to having a relationship with DiPietro while he and his wife were separated.

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Friday, February 1, 2008

TNA / SHIMMER, Rain / Ms.Payton Banks

Image Hosted by
Wrestler: Rain
Real Name: Bonnie Maxon
Birthday: September 10, 1981
Hometown: Originally Sacramento, California
Marital Status: Once Dated Nick Mondo
Height & Weight: 5'5" - 124 lbs
Trained by: Horace The Psychopath, Terry Fox
Pro Wrestling Debut: 2000
Previous Gimmicks: Hope (Crush)
Finishing Move: Acid Rain (Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex)
Favorite Wrestling Moves: Rain Drop (Falling Inverted DDT) , The Neckbreaker, The Powerbomb, Ki Krusher
Notable Feuds: Lacey, Mystic, Phoenix, Shawna Doyle, Nick Mondo, Horace The Psychopath, Mickie Knuckles, ODB

Bonnie Maxon, best known by her ring name Rain (born September 10, 1981) is an American professional wrestler. She is currently working for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) under the name (Ms.) Payton Banks.

Maxon started working for a local promotion in St. Paul, Minnesota. Later after gaining the experience of a wrestler she started working for various promotions in the midwest, such as IWA Mid-South, Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW), NWA Midwest, Ring of Honor, SHIMMER, and Women Extreme Wrestling under the ring name Rain.

She frequently teams up with her tag team partner Lacey to form The Minnesota Home-Wrecking Crew (a play on the name of the Minnesota Wrecking Crew).

Maxon appeared as a "plant" on the October 18, 2007 edition of TNA iMPACT! holding up a huge white sign with black letters reading off "President of Robert Roode FanClub". She continued to appear in the crowd with pro-Roode signs for the following two weeks. Maxon was officially referenced to on the November 1st edition of "iMPACT" by TNA announcers, where she also had a staredown with Roode's former valet Ms. Brooks. In the aftermath of a match on an edition of TNA Impact, after Ms. Brooks and Robert Roode defeated Chris Harris and Gail Kim, Brooks was about to leave the ring when she attacked and started a cat fight with Maxon. Following this, she was seen from far distances all around the iMPACT! zone. She was referred as Ms. Brooks' stalker by TNA commentators Don West and Mike Tenay.

Maxon appeared on the January 10, 2008 edition of TNA iMPACT! and attacked Ms. Brooks. Following this, Robert Roode announced Brooks had been replaced by Maxon, under the new name (Ms.) Payton Banks.

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