Saturday, November 3, 2012

Barefoot Women Wrestlers

Something you don't see a lot these days...come to think of it barefoot female wrestlers.
Of course back in the day you had lots of them that I can remember.

Ann Casey, Vicki Williams, Judy Grable, Velvet MacIntyre, Miss Mona (Molly Holly when she was in the WCW), even Jungle Grrl from GLOW.
But these days that seems to be a thing of the past.
I guess maybe it has to do with safety concerns, but Ann and Vicki seemed to do alright for themselves.

The Glamour Girls...Leilani Kai (barefoot) and Judy Martin.

Velvet MacIntyre-wrestling
 Another shot of Velvet MacIntyre

 Here is a match from 1972 with the barefoot Vicki Williams taking on Moolah.
Notice at one point she does go for the toes....

Here we have Mona taking on Little Jeannie in WCW...

And interestingly, a barefoot Madusa Miceli tangling with Nasty Kat Leroux...

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