Sunday, March 11, 2018

Womens Pro Wrestling - The Camel Clutch

Called by many names, the Camel Clutch is a wrestling hold that was invented by the legendary Gory Guerrero in Mexico.
Gory called the move la de a caballo (Horse-mounting choke).
The name Camel Clutch actually came from Ed Farhat, better known as "The Sheik" who used it as his finisher
Of course there are many variants like Rusev's "The Accolade", Scott Steiner's "Steiner Recliner" and Maryse Ouellet's "French Pain".
But since this is women's pro wrestling, here are just the ladies applying this painful submission move....

 Barbi Hayden with a camel clutch on Allysin Kay (Sienna)

 Maryse with the French Pain on Mickie James

 LuFisto punishes Kellie Skater

 Nicole Matthews adds a little hairpulling with Hikaru Shida

 Rusev smiles as Summer Rae locks a pretty deep Camel Clutch on Lana

Velvet Sky with a Camel Clutch on Taylor Wilde

Tara camel clutches and claws at Mia Yim

WOW's Jungle Grrrl with a camel clutch on Tatevik

Japanese female wrestlers, Jaguar Yokota vs Devil Masami

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