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Debra Ann Miceli-Madusa Part 5

Upon returning to World Championship Wrestling in 1999, Madusa's breasts were noticeably larger and greatly exaggerated in contrast to any other point in her wrestling career. Madusa later conceded that she had indeed gotten a larger, more prominent set of breast implants just prior to her return to WCW. In an interview Mark Madden of WCW Magazine conducted with her in the summer of 1999, Madusa candidly revealed her reasoning behind the considerably larger set of implants. Madusa stated that the larger, aggrandized breasts gave her much more confidence in herself. "I got those for me," Madusa said. "I wanted to embellish my own beauty, to give myself more confidence. When I got them, I was 5-10, 150 pounds and really, I had nothing. I looked silly. So I got them and I think they look good." On the otherhand, Madusa's augmentation had few drawbacks. Madusa was criticized by some people within the Internet Wrestling Community for the move as they felt as though that her breasts had become much too large and thus it affected her once-stellar in-ring capabilities for the worse. Due to their pendulous nature, her huge, oversized breasts (as evident by their unstable motions during her ring entrances in her final WCW stint) more often than not would easily jerk, shake, bounce, wobble and jiggle around nonchalantly and blatantly whenever she would walk, much less run.

Following the demise of WCW, Madusa confirmed on her official website that she had gotten a breast reduction. She had the implants removed in either 2001 or 2002. The biggest contributing factor to the breast reduction was not that she felt her breasts were much too large and pendulous, thus making it discomforting to her physical well-being. But considering that she was retired from professional wrestling, the implants were no longer necessary for her new line of work as a Monster truck driver where it wasn't essential for her to display her body in an overty sexual manner. Madusa has stated numerous times on her official website that she regretted getting breast implants in the first place. After the reduction, Madusa revealed her bra size to be a D cup (her size after post-reduction surgery).

Madusa's cosmetic surgery would factor into wrestling storylines on a second occasion while she was in WCW. In this case, attention was directed to the amount of plastic surgery that Madusa has legitimately had over the years in an attempt to demean and sexually degrade her. In on-camera interviews, a character by the name of Oklahoma would often poke fun at the amount of plastic surgery that Madusa has had over the years. It eventually lead to a catchphrase as Oklahoma would often say, "There ain't nothing natural about Madusa!" Madusa's cosmetic surgery was a central angle on one show in particular. On the February 7, 2000 edition of WCW Monday Nitro, Oklahoma brought out a doctor by the name of Dr. Jeter. Dr. Jeter claimed that Madusa was one of his clients and that he had done cosmetic surgery on her. Jeter claimed that he did a nose job, eye job, lip job, boob job, and even a buttock augmentation on Madusa. Madusa eventually came out and beat up both Oklahoma and Dr. Jeter. Ironically, Madusa came out in a very revealing bikini top in which her colossal, pendulous breasts were flailing and joggling around uncontrollably as she paraded herself in blatantly provocative manner down the entrance way. After she took care of business in the ring, a fan in the front row reached his hand out in an ill-fated attempt to touch her indiscreetly visible and lascivious breasts while she was leaving the ringside area. However, Madusa was aware of her surroundings and she proceeded to smack the fan's hand away before he could touch her cleavage. Madusa was legitimately angered from this person's attempt at sexual harassment. She proceeded to yell a few expletives and give the fan in question the middle finger gesture as she was walking away.

Debra Ann Miceli-Madusa

Miceli posed nude for Playboy in 1987 but never signed the release for the pictures to be published. The reason the release was never signed was due to the fact that she was scheduled to begin work in Japan. Since Japanese promotions had very strict rules governing conduct for female wrestlers at the time, Miceli opted not to have the pictures published.
Madusa was married to Eddie Gilbert in the early 1990s. After their divorce she married former NFL player Ken Blackman in the late 1990s and into the turn of the millennium. Things just didn't work out between them and they decided to go their separate ways.
She has homes in both Virginia and Florida.
Madusa drove a monster truck of the same name for Live Nation in their Monster Jam series, but was recently released over contract issues. On May 12, 2006 she announced that she had signed up to drive a Madusa truck for Team Bigfoot, beginning later in 2006. She currently runs a pet grooming service.

Dusty Rhodes referred to Miceli as "Methuselah".
Madusa is one of the first monster trucks named after its driver.
Due to her martial arts background, Madusa preferred to wrestle barefoot, a la Kevin Von Erich.

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