Sunday, March 18, 2007

Betty Niccoli - Ladies Pro Wrestling

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Wrestler name: Betty Niccoli
Hometown: Kansas City, MO
Marital Status: Married to wrestler Akio Sato.
Held the AWA Ladies US Championship.
Betty Niccoli now lives in the Kansas City area and works at one of the riverboat casinos.
On August 14, 1970, at AWA Comiskey Park: Linda Klein and Betty Nicoli defeated Jean Antone and Lucille Dupree.

Betty Niccoli - Ladies Pro Wrestling

Betty Niccoli vs Jean Antone


WM said...

You forgot to mention that Betty also defeated Moolah in 1976 to very briefly hold the championship title. I believe Moolah won it back in a couple days.

mary jane kai said...

Betty Nicoll is one the most beautiful and sexy lady wrestlers ever. Betty Nicoll use be awa world women wrestling champion. Betty Nicoll is one the greatest and best lady wrestlers that ever live.

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