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Female Wrestling - Sable / Rena Mero

Wrestler Name: Sable
Real Name: Rena Mero
Born: August 8, 1967, Jacksonville, Florida
Marital Status: Divorced from Marc Mero, Married to Brock Lesnar
Height & Weight: 5'7" - 120 lbs
Trained by: WWF & Marc Mero
Pro Wrestling Debut: 1996
Titles: WWF Women's Title
Previous Gimmicks: Triple H's Valet
Finishing Move: Sable Bomb (Powerbomb into a sliding prawn hold) , TKO - 1998; Adopted from then-husband Marc Mero
Favorite Wrestling Moves: Frankensteiner , Hair-pull snapmare , Diving crossbody , Various martial arts kicks , Low blow
Notable Feuds: Triple H, Luna Vachon, Tori, Jacqueline, Marc Mero, Debra, Torrie Wilson, Stacy Keibler, Miss Jackie

Female Wrestling - Sable / Rena Mero

Rena Mero Lesnar (born August 8th, 1967) is an American model, actress, and former professional wrestler. She is primarily known for her stints in World Wrestling Entertainment as the buxom Sable character.

Before gaining popularity in the world of sports entertainment, Mero worked as a model for L'Oréal, Pepsi, and Guess?. Along with her second husband Marc Mero, she began working for the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in 1996. As Sable, she was one of the first WWE Divas, she gained considerable popularity, surpassing that of her husband. After feuding with both Luna Vachon and Jacqueline Moore, Sable became the second WWF Women's Champion after the title was reinstated into the company. After becoming a heel and leaving the company, Mero filed a $110 million lawsuit against the company, citing allegations of sexual harassment and unsafe working conditions.

In 2003, she returned to the newly renamed World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) where she was put into a storyline feud with Torrie Wilson, and another storyline as Vince McMahon's mistress. In 2004, she left the company to spend more time with her family. After leaving WWE, Mero married Brock Lesnar.

Outside of wrestling, Mero has been featured on the cover of Playboy three times. The April 1999 issue of the magazine with her on the cover was one of the highest selling issues in Playboy history. She has also guest starred on several television series, including Pacific Blue. She also appeared in the film Corky Romano.

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