Thursday, July 30, 2009

Female Wrestling - Rachel Summerlyn

Rachel Summerlyn female wrestling

Rachel Summerlyn is an indy female wrestler that wrestles for promotions like Shimmer, Pro Wrestling Evolution, IWA-Mid South and Anarchy Championship Wrestling (ACW).
Her hometwon is Austin Texas and she made her pro wrestling debut in November of 2006.
And this young lady has mixed it up with some of the best.
Her very first match was against the imposing Vanessa Kraven!
And Rachel won!
She has also faced Mickie Knuckles, MsChif and Daffney, just to name a few.

You can visit Rachel's MySpace page at and there is also a "Best of Rachel Summerlyn" DVD there you can buy.
The DVD has her wrestling stars like Portia Perez and Sara Del Ray among others.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Kimberly Kash - Female Wrestling

Kimberly Kash - Women of Wrestling

This blond haired 5'5 118 pound beauty is female pro wrestler Kimberly Kash.
Kimberly may look slight, but don't let that fool you.
She's held the VWAA Women's Wrestling Championship, the Adrenaline Rush Wrestling (ARW) Women's Championship and the PCW Women's Championship twice.
Kimberly was trained by Vito Thomaselli, Sal Thomaselli, and Mike "Acid" Nolan, and made her debut in June of 2005.
Her favorite wrestling moves are The Stock Market Crash (a double knee drop off the top rope), The Kash Flow ( a running swinging neck breaker), The Liquidation ( triangle choke arm bar) and her finisher, The Face Blower (face buster).

Kimberly Kash - Female Wrestling

You can keep up with Kimberly at her MySpace page here:

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Female Wrestling - Kellie Skater

Kellie Skater female wrestler

This young lady from Bacchus Marsh, Victoria, Australia is Indy wrestler Kellie Skater.
She was trained by George "Hitman" Julio and Mike Burr / Mike Manson (Alpha) and she made her pro wrestling debut in March of 2007 in a battle royal.
As Kellie she is a clean scientific wrestler, but when she switches to the "Rate Tank" out!
Besides wrestling in Australia, Kellie has wrestled for SHIMMER here.
SHIMMER seems to have a fair amount of Australian wrestlers.

  Reby Sky punishing Kellie

Her finishing moves are the "Skate and Destroy" (Code Red, Leg trap sunset flip powerbomb) and the "Skate or Die" (an inverted STF).

You can follow Kellie at her MySpace page here:

Friday, July 10, 2009

Shimmer Women Athletes

Image Hosted by
The awesome Rain

I talk a lot about Shimmer here, but I have never really taken the time to highlight just what it is.
Shimmer is called Shimmer Women Athletes or SHIMMER Women Athletes or just plain SHIMMER.
It is a Chicago based female independent pro wrestling promotion created by Dave Prazak and run by him and Allison Danger.
Shimmer held it's first event on November 6, 2005.
SHIMMER is closely affiliated with ROH (Ring of Honor) and is the home of probably the best female wrestling you will see.

And the list of SHIMMER wrestlers from the past and present is long and stellar.
Just a few of the female wrestlers that have worked for the company are Rain, Ariel, Jetta, Cat Power, Nevaeh, Daffney, Lorelei Lee, Cheerleader Melissa and Jennifer Blake.

Of course many SHIMMER stars ( like Amazing Kong (Awesome Kong), Cheerleader Melissa (Raisha Saeed) , Daffney, Nikki Roxx (Roxxi) and for a short time, Rain, as Payton Banks ) have gone onto work for TNA.

And Beth Phoenix and Nattie Neidhart (Natalya) also worked for Shimmer at one time.
I really cant say enough about this organization, so the best thing to do is check out their website here:

Or you can go to their MySpace page here:

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