Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kellie Skater - Female Wrestling

This young lady from Bacchus Marsh, Victoria, Australia is Indy wrestler Kellie Skater.
She was trained by George "Hitman" Julio and Mike Burr / Mike Manson (Alpha) and she made her pro wrestling debut in March of 2007 in a battle royal.
As Kellie she is a clean scientific wrestler, but when she switches to the "Rate Tank"....watch out!
Besides wrestling in Australia, Kellie has wrestled for SHIMMER here.
SHIMMER seems to have a fair amount of Australian wrestlers.

Female Wrestling - Kellie Skater-Reby Sky Reby Sky punishing Kellie

 Kellie Skater with an armbar on Nevaeh

Her finishing moves are the "Skate and Destroy" (Code Red, Leg trap sunset flip powerbomb) and the "Skate or Die" (an inverted STF).

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