Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Juliette The Huntress - Ivelisse Velez, Goes to the WWE

Juliette The Huntress - Ivelisse Velez,Goes to the WWE

Juliette The Huntress - Ivelisse Velez, Goes to the WWE

Now this is the kinda thing that makes me feel good.
Back in February of 2009 I did an article on an indy wrestler in the World Wrestling Council (WWC) in Puerto Rico called Juliette "The Huntress".
I kept track of Juliette and even did an interview with her here.

Now I find out that Juliette (whose real name is Ivelisse Velez) appeared on WWE's Tough Enough and has been signed to a developmental contract with them.
Yeah I have my problems with the WWE, but I am happy to see someone I have followed make it into the "Major Leagues".
I'm also happy to see the WWE hire someone with wrestling talent!
I imagine first we will see her in FCW, then move up to Smackdown or Raw.

Juliette The Huntress - Ivelisse Velez

I just hope she gets to wear her old "Elektra" style outfit.
I really liked that.

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