Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Womens Wrestler - Desiree Petersen

Womens Wrestler - Desiree PetersenWrestler: Desiree Petersen
Hometown: Originally Copenhagen, Denmark
Moved to Calgary, Alberta
Marital Status: Withheld
Height & Weight: 5'9" - 165 lbs
Pro wrestling training by: Velvet McIntyre,Leilani Kai,Judy Martin,Princess Victoria,Penny Mitchell
Wrestling Debut: January 1983 against Velvet McIntyre in Vancouver for Al Tomko's All-Star Wrestling promotion.
Previous Gimmicks: Malisa Dahl
Favorite Moves: All Wrestling Holds
Notable Feuds: All Japanese Women,K.C. Houston,Judy Martin

Desiree Petersen has wrestled in Denmark in addition to Canada and the United States.
Desiree replaced Princess Victoria as Velvet McIntyre's partner in the WWF, and becoming a Tag Team champion in 1985.

Womens Wrestler - Desiree Petersen
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1 comment :

Shodee said...

Hello. I'm wrestling fan from Japan.
My English isn't good, but I must write for that wonderful wrestler.
Miss petersen, she was certainly very good wrestler! We must realize she was real star of the women's pro wrestling at WWF, LPWA and even AJWW. She was strong, beautiful, healthy, sexy, fashionable, and wild fighter and is still be so now.
In the spring, 1984 and the summer, 1985, I had her magnificent figure and awful fights in my country Japan.
I was watching eager her excelent wrestling in the ring and in the TV screen. I was young and she was the best. I liked her very much. And now, that's my important memory.
I remember that she was called "Miss world of the women's pro wrestling" or billed "The most beautiful wrestler in the USA" on the Japanese magazines. It's real story, because I have that magazines even now. I want to show you that valuable magazines.
Once more, Miss Desiree Petersen is great wrestler!
Thank you.

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