Monday, November 21, 2011

Kim Nielsen AKA Desire

Kim Nielsen AKA Desire

Kim Neilson AKA Desire

Another of the most popular women here on this blog is Kim Nielsen AKA Desire.
Well she has been "AKA" quite a bit during her wrestling career such as Jekyl Island, Miss Galaxy, Kim Neilson, Every Man's Desire and just plain Desire.
Since she is so popular, here are a couple of matches from her TNA days....

Here is Desire taking on April Hunter (with Athena) posted by Athena herself on YouTube.
If you think TNA just started hiring hot women that can wrestle, this match is from January 15th, 2003.

And proving my point even further, here is the last bit of a match with Kid Kash and Trinity (with Athena) wrestling Sonny Siaki and Desire

Desire, April Hunter, Athena, Trinity?
Somebody stop me before I start ranting about the "good old days".

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Catfight Report said...

Absolutely loved Desire. Wished she would have went further.

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