Friday, November 4, 2011

Indy Female Wrestlers Dominate the PWI Top 50

Indy Female Wrestlers Dominate the PWI Top 50

 Madison Eagles

You know I haven't even mentioned the PWI Top 50 Women’s Wrestlers Of 2011 list here this year, even though it came out back in September.
One thing I think is quite notable is that out of the 50 female wrestlers on the list, 30 are not WWE or TNA, but Indy workers.
You have to take into account that the WWE Diva roster (including FCW) is 21 women and the TNA Knockout roster is 13, so even if every one of the Divas and Knockouts made the list, they would still have to fill it with 16 wrestlers to get their 50.
But, a lot of the Indy performers are near the top.
Women like Madison Eagles (who came in 1st), Mercedes Martinez (2) Cheerleader Melissa and MsChif all made it into the top ten.
Despite not getting the wide exposure that the WWE and TNA offers, 8 of the top twenty were women that worked for indy wrestling promotions.
Here is the list with the rankings minus the Divas and Knockouts....

1. Madison Eagles
2. Mercedes Martinez
6. Cheerleader Melissa
9. MsChif
10. Sara Del Rey
16. Serena Deeb
18. Ayako Hamada
19. LuFisto
22. Angel Orsini
23. Melina (okay Melina was in the WWE)
24. Daizee Haze
25. Nikki Roxx
27. Jazz
30. Portia Perez
33. Nicole Matthews
34. Rachel Summerlyn
35. Jessicka Havok
36. Brittany Force
37. Kellie Skater
38. Tina San Antonio
39. Melanie Cruise
40. Cherry Bomb
41. Sassy Stephie
42. Tasha Simone
44. Amber O’Neal
45. Allison Danger
46. Kacee Carlisle
47. Brittany Savage
49. Melissa Coates
50. Jessica James
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