Friday, October 17, 2008

Vivian Vachon - Vintage Female Wrestlers

The legendary Vivian Vachon was born in 1951 in Montreal, Canada.
She is considered one of the greatest female professional wrestlers of all time.

Vivian Vachon - Female Wrestling

Vivian was part of the great Canadian wrestling family, the Vachons, and they were part of the thirteen children of Ferdinand Vachon, a Montreal police officer.
Her brothers were Canadian wrestlers Maurice and Paul Vachon and she was the aunt of Luna Vachon.

Vivian Vachon - Female Wrestling

In the early 1970s she starred in the motion picture "The Wrestling Queen", which also included her brothers and other famous female wrestlers such as:
Bonnie Watson, Vicki Williams, Debbie Johnson, Paula Kay, Kay Noble and Marie Laverne.
Vivian held the AWA World Women's Wrestling Championship, the GPW Women's Wrestling Championship and the California Women's Wrestling Championship during her career.
Sadly, Vivian and her daughter Julie were killed by a drunk driver August 25, 1991 near Montreal.

Vivian Vachon - Female Wrestling

Rita Boucher working over Vivian Vachon

Vivian Vachon and Joyce Grable

Vivian Vachon and Sherri Lee going at it.

Rita Boucher laying one into Vivian Vachon

 Betti Nicoli vs Vivian Vachon

Vivian Vachon getting bodyscissored by Kay Noble

Rita Boucher working over Vivian Vachon...again

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