Thursday, May 29, 2014

Back When Female Heels Were Tough

Remember back in ladies pro wrestling when Heels were actually Heels?
Now they are not really a lot different from the Faces.
Both of them are rough now, but nothing like the good old days.
Today you can barely tell them apart by their wrestling techniques.

Back in the good old days of women's pro wrestling, female Heels would bite, kick, scratch, stomp, gouge, pull hair, tights, use foreign objects, whatever it took to punish the Faces.
Now days they slap and maybe pull hair.

People talk about Lita and Maryse being great heels.
When was the last time that Nikki Bella took a sharpened pencil to someone's forehead?  

Case in point, ladies like Leilani Kai.
Here we have Leilani raking her nails down the back of the beautiful Magnificent Mimi and causing her a lot of pain.

Leilani Kai-Magnificent Mimi-ladies pro wrestling

And here she is hiding a choke from the ref as she tries to take out Reggie Bennett.
Hey, Leilani was trained by The Fabulous Moolah, she knows dirty.

Leilani Kai-reggie bennett-women's pro wrestling

Leilani Kai putting the stretch to Desiree Petersen

Here's a shot of Leilani Kai putting the stretch to Desiree Petersen....I think...

Outside of the Indy promotions, I don't think you will find ladies that can be this sadistic in the ring anymore.
I guess in pro wrestling black and white has just blurred into gray.

Rustee Thomas vs Malia Hosaka

 And here is veteran female wrestler Rustee Thomas choking a very young Malia Hosaka in the corner.

The Fabulous Moolah bringing the pain to Wendi Richter

Biting is also a tactic you don't see much anymore.
Here is Jean Lane and Bernice LaRue showing how that is done.

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