Monday, April 21, 2014

Maximum Pro Wrestling - Gold Rush 2014

You know I love Indy wrestling.
And I love almost all the wrestlers from Canada.
So here is the best of both worlds.

Maximum Pro Wrestling is having their Gold Rush 2014 on April 26th.
Here's a little bit about them from their website....
"MaxPro was formed in February 2010, as a result of a merger with Canada's two most prominent wrestling organizations. This makes MaxPro the largest and most professional, family-friendly, pro-wrestling product available in Canada. Their wrestling shows can be seen across Ontario, from Windsor to Toronto to Thunder Bay, and all points in between! MaxPro has also hosted yearly events in Iqualuit, Nunavut and worked events across Canada.
Today, Max Pro looks to highlight the rising stars of Ontario, all while promoting social campaigns, ranging from anti-bullying programs, healthy alternatives to social events, and integration into the educational environment."

Maximum Pro Wrestling - Gold Rush 2014

Sounds good right?
Well of course the focus of this site is the ladies, and the ladies there will be MMA Ring Girl Mary Pearl, She Nay Nay, April Hunter, So Cal Val and Sunny.
You know how I am about redheads.
April Hunter and So Cal Val at the same event?
Yes please.

You can find out more about all this at Max Pro's website here:
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