Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Magnificent Mimi vs Bambi - Ladies Wrestling

Last time I mentioned when Heels were Heels.
A good example of that was the Magnificent Mimi.
Mimi was absolutely gorgeous.
And she could be mean as a snake.
I pretty much guarantee she could reduce any of today’s "Divas" to tears in a few minutes.
A little biting, stomping, eye gouging and hair pulling would have the perfectly coiffed "Total Divas" begging for mercy.

Mimi vs Bambi-fingerlock-test of strength

Here she is up against her exact opposite, Bambi.
Bambi was a Face, but she could brawl if she had to.
She preferred to punish her opponents with wrestling hold though.
You don’t get to see ladies like this in the ring any more.

Mimi vs Bambi-armbar

Magnificent Mimi and Bambi going at it again...

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