Sunday, December 8, 2013

Rebecca Knox-Becky Lynch in NXT

I did a write up on Irish female pro wrestler Rebecca Knox (real name Rebecca Quin) way back in 2008.
And I was pretty bummed that her career seemed to over due to an injury.

I was pleasantly surprised when she showed back up in Shimmer Women Athletes as the manager of Saraya and Britani Knight back in 2011.
And I am even happier now that Rebecca has shown back up as Becky Lynch in NXT!
Yeah I know I usually do Indy wrestlers here, but "Becky" did start out in the Indies.

It just shows that you cannot keep a good woman down.

Rebecca Knox (Becky Lynch) & Britani Knight (Paige)

At the time, I thought she was one of the most physically fit female wrestlers I had ever seen...and it doesn’t look like she has lost a bit of that.
How good is she in the ring?
Well she began wrestling training when she was 15 and she's 26 now....
I'm really hoping for the best and that the WWE will actually let her wrestle.

becky lynch

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