Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Twit Pics - Female Wrestling

Some awesome pics from Twit Pics of SHIMMER wrestlers.
Click on the pics to go there and see them full size.

Cheerleader Melissa - Photo: Buddy LaMantia @futurelegendcf #... on Twitpic
Cheerleader Melissa

Wishing the Deebious One a quick recovery, from all of her SH... on Twitpic
Serena Deeb

Kana - Photo: Gilda Pasquil @k_a_n_a_ #iwantwrestling #raw on Twitpic

SHIMMER original. First SHIMMER Champion. The Queen. Photo: G... on Twitpic
Sara Del Ray

Third SHIMMER Champion Madison Eagles - Photo: Gilda Pasquil ... on Twitpic
Madison Eagles

Su Yung - Photo: Gilda Pasquil @realsuyung #iwantwrestling on Twitpic
Su Yung...what was the WWE thinking?

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