Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Female Wrestling - Sara Jay

I don't know if Sara Jay took the snake to the ring ala Jake Roberts, or if this is just a promo for Snakepit Pro Wrestling...

We seem to have an influx of Australian female wrestlers on here, and here is another, Sara Jay.
This beautiful young lady was born on May 11th in Warwick, Australia.
She may only stand 5 feet tall and weigh in at 110 pounds, but this is a lot of fight in her, as she takes on both female and male wrestlers.

Sara has held the WCWA Junior Girls Championship, the MIW Womens belt, the NAW Womens Championship and the WWC Womens title.

She has worked for Riot City Wrestling, PWWA, Ultimate Wrestling Alliance, PWA QLD, Snakepit Pro Wrestling, PWA Elite, MIW, Nightmare Wrestling, IWA, PWA Underground and AAW in Australia and World Wrestling Council in Puerto Rico.

You can keep up with Sara at her MySpace page here:

Sara Jay, posted to, on Sept 23rd, 2009
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