Monday, September 21, 2009

MsChif - Womens Pro Wrestling

I've never made any secret of how awesome I think MsChif is.
She has that certain something that female wrestlers need to make it big.
I kinda wonder why she has never made the jump to WWE or TNA, but I am kinda glad she hasn't.

MsChif - Womens Pro Wrestling

I didn't see MsChif's name on the G.L.O.R.Y. Hot 100 which kinda dissapointed me (actually, I didn't see her on GLORY at all), but she did come in fourth on the PWI Female 50 for 2009, so that made me feel better.
Hey, MsChif started 2009 as the NWA World Women's champion, the SHIMMER champion, AND the NWA Midwest Women's champion... she deserves to be at LEAST fourth.

MsChif has her own website: and her fan page at MySpace where you can keep up with her appearances.

Of course my "dream team" is Daffney and MsChif.
Could you imgaine the two of them tag teaming in TNA to go after the TNA Knockouts title held by Sarita and Taylor Wilde?
And if you wanna make me really happy, how about Daffney, MsChif and a "psycho" Tara teaming up.
Kinda like an "Anti-Beautiful People".

MsChif - Womens Pro Wrestling, posted to on Sept 21st, 2009
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