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Angel Orsini - Riptide - Prodigette, Part 2

After ECW was sold to WWE, Angel Orsini returned to competing in independent wrestling promotions like Women's Extreme Wrestling (WEW) and Assault Championship Wrestling (ACW) winning the WEW tag team wrestling titles with Simply Lucious in a match against Tracy Brooks and Angel Williams.

Angel Orsini - Riptide - Prodigette

Then in 2004, she moved to Rotterdam, Netherlands to compete in European wrestling promotions including International Wrestling Stars (Eurostars) and Free-Style Championship Wrestling (FSCW). After defeating The X-Dream to win the FSCW Lightweight Championship in Geant, Belgium the next year, Angel moved back to the United States in May 2005 and returned to MMA competition and training for a pro boxing career.

While she was in New England Championship Wrestling (NECW), Angel and Alere Little Feather defeated Mercedes Martinez and Cindy Rogers on June 4th and, the following night, defeated Luscious Lilly in the opening rounds of the NECW's All-Women's Tournament before being eliminated by Martinez in the second round.

After defeating Luna Vachon at a United States Wrestling Organization (USWO) event on October 14, she began competing for Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), a developmental territory for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), attempting to gain a contract with the WWE.

Angel continued wrestling for various independent wrestling promotions across the U.S. until she injured both her heels in a ladder match against Sumie Sakai at an event for Dangerous Women of Wrestling on February 2nd, 2006.

After taking 14 months off, Angel returned to active competition one year later teaming up with Amy Lee against Mercedes Martinez and Mickie Knuckles at a Pro Wrestling Unplugged event on February 17th, 2007.

Angel Orsini - Riptide - Prodigette-wrestling

Returning to WEW, she defeated Amber O'Neal and then lost to Talia Madison in a match for the WEW Women's World Championship late during the main event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on May 5th.

On July 12th, Angel again wrestled two matches in one night, first losing to Jazz in a TLC match (with Francine as special referee) and later defeating Annie Social.

Angel made her debut on Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU) in September and she was introduced by Missy Hyatt who interviewed her on her interview segment "Missy's Manor". During the interview, Angel was confronted by wrestler Rick Cataldo and attacked him when he attepted to interrupt her interview. Moments later, she was challenged by her former tag team partner Amy Lee and agreed to face her the following week.

During that match, only seconds after hitting Angel with a DDT, the arena lights went out and Amy was attacked by a masked wrestler allowing Orsini to pin her for the win. Following the match, the masked wrestler revealed herself to be Mercedez Martinez and she attacked Lee along with Orsini. Following this incident, Angel and Mercedez would feud with Lee and Luna Vachon for the next several weeks.

Angel Orsini - Riptide - Prodigette, Part 2, posted to on 1-30-2008

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