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Nancy Daus (May 21, 1964 - June 25, 2007), part 3

After being dumped by Sandman and Scorpio in ECW, she once again resurfaced in WCW, first appearing on the January 29, 1996 edition of WCW Monday Nitro as one of many women who stood in the aisle and waved as Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage came to the ring. She stayed at ringside, but she soon turned on Savage and rejoined Flair, Arn Anderson, and Chris Benoit in the then-current incarnation of the Four Horsemen. Miss Elizabeth also managed the stable.

In 1996, the Horsemen added Steve McMichael and his wife Debra, which didn't sit well with Woman. In her next angle, the two bickered, not getting along in general. The Four Horsemen were often given interview time on Nitro and when it came time for Debra to speak on the mic, she'd often go into a soliloquy regarding Woman's looks and fashion sense--usually when the two weren't within the vicinity of each other. Despite the heavy tension, the two managers never had a physical altercation.

At the same time, she started an on-screen relationship with Benoit, rubbing it in Sullivan's face, her real-life husband at the time. On December 7, on WCW Saturday Night, while announcer Tony Schiavone was conducting a post-match interview with Sullivan, he played a home movie of the couple in front of him. They were shown canoodling in a kitchen. Woman taunted Sullivan by saying, "You can't find me" and "I'm my own woman." Benoit taunted Sullivan as well by saying, "You consider yourself the master of human chess. Well, my bishop just took your queen." After the video, Sullivan stood there speechless, and his manager Jimmy Hart led him off stage. As fate would have it, this on-screen relationship developed into a real-life affair off-screen This resulted in a feud between Benoit and Sullivan that saw Woman clashing with Sullivan's then-valet Jacquelyn at ringside. In one match, the two ladies were strapped together, took shots at each other, and used the strap connecting them as a weapon against the men.

Nancy's final WCW appearance (and professional wrestling appearance as the character 'Woman') took place on May 26, 1997 on WCW Monday Nitro as she accompanied Benoit to the ring for a confrontation with Jimmy Hart regarding the whereabouts of Sullivan, who wasn't in the arena. On the following week's show, Benoit came alone to ringside without her by his side. After managing him for a little over half a year, no reason was given for Woman's sudden disappearance, and she was never mentioned on WCW programming again.

Sullivan and Nancy (off-screen) divorced in 1997, and (on-screen) Sullivan lost a retirement match to Benoit It is often joked that 'Kevin Sullivan booked his own divorce'. Sullivan's intent was to retire from in-ring action and focus on booking. As a booker, Sullivan caused Nancy to (off-screen) quit wrestling when she refused to be topless in an angle Sullivan created for a PPV.

Before her marriage to Kevin Sullivan in 1985, Nancy had previously been married to and divorced from Jim Daus.

Nancy and Benoit became engaged in 1997 after her divorce from Sullivan that same year, although Benoit only referred to Nancy as his fiancée even after they were married. Although her days as an on-air performer were over, she did actively manage her husband's career from their home in Atlanta.

She gave birth to her son Daniel Christopher Benoit on February 23, 2000. Two days later, Daus married Chris Benoit on February 25, 2000. However, in 2003, she filed for divorce, citing the marriage as "irrevocably broken" and alleging "cruel treatment."She later dropped the suit, as well as a restraining order filed on her husband

On June 25, 2007, Nancy and her son Daniel were found dead by police in the family's Fayetteville, Georgia home, victims of an apparent double murder-suicide perpetrated by her husband, Chris Benoit.

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