Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Nancy Daus (May 21, 1964 - June 25, 2007), part 2

George Napolitano needed a beautiful young girl for the cover of the June 1984 edition of the pro-wrestling magazine Wrestling All Stars and fellow photographer Bill Otten suggested the young Nancy Daus for the role. Nancy, who had worked as a model, often sat alongside her then-husband Jim to watch matches and was no newcomer to being involved with professional wrestling. Nancy, who had been selling programs at the Orlando shows, also appeared as "Para" in the old "Apartment Wrestling" in wrestling magazines features. It was on this shoot where she met Kevin Sullivan who became enamored with her. Sullivan eventually wanted her to be a part of his wrestling entourage, and after months of convincing, Nancy finally became an on-air valet, taking the name Fallen Angel. She made her in-ring debut on July 7, 1984 at the Lakeland Civic Center in Lakeland, Florida for Florida Championship Wrestling.

Nancy then became a part of Kevin Sullivan's stable of "Satanists", which also included wrestlers Luna Vachon, The Purple Haze, and Sir Oliver Humperdink. Nancy and Kevin Sullivan traveled throughout the United States using the "Satanist" gimmick for promotions such as Angelo Savoldi's ICW and Southwest Championship Wrestling. The two married in 1985.

In 1989, Nancy appeared in the NWA as Robin Green, Rick Steiner's biggest fan who sat at ringside cheering him on during matches. Eventually she talked Rick into letting her actually stand at ringside with Missy Hyatt during a tag-team match with brother Scott against the Fabulous Freebirds, Michael Hayes and Jimmy Garvin. Nancy caused the Steiners to lose the match and soon left Rick to manage the masked team of Doom (Ron Simmons and Butch Reed). During this time she also changed her name to Woman. The Steiner Brothers and Doom went on to feud, with the Steiners still seeking revenge on Woman. In response, she acquired a bodyguard known as Nitron ( Tyler Mane) to protect her from them.

In 1990, Ric Flair and his Four Horsemen soon caught her wandering eye and she dumped Nitron and Doom to manage Flair. She fit in well with the "dirtiest player in the game", interfering in his matches and helping him keep his NWA World Title. She left the NWA by after the Capitol Combat '90 pay-per-view however.

She rejoined her husband Kevin in smaller promotions, mainly running out of the Northeast.

In 1993, Kevin and Nancy surfaced in the fledgling ECW, where - once again called simply Woman - she managed Sullivan and The Tazmaniac to the ECW Tag Team Championships. When Kevin resought the greener pastures of WCW, Nancy remained in ECW, going on to manage Sandman and 2 Cold Scorpio. She captivated the crowd as, once again, she almost seamlessly reinvented herself to fit with The Sandman's gimmick - opening his beers, lighting his cigarettes, and destroying his opponents with her own kendo stick.

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