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WWF - Kathy Dingman

Kathy Dingman

Ring name(s) Cousin Brandy, Barbara Bush, BB, Papaya, Taylor Vaughn
Billed height 5 ft 9 in
Billed weight 147 lb
Resides Mobile, Alabama
Trained by WWE
Pro Wrestling Debut June 1998
Retired 2003

Kathy Dingman is a former professional wrestler and valet for TNA, WCW, WWE and various independent promotions. She achieved her greatest success as Barbara Bush in WWF from late 1999 - early 2000.

Kathy's most prominent time on the Indie circuit was in the IWF as Cousin Brandy where she was valet of The Tennessee Mountain Boys. Their characters were that of "hick" types and were popular with fans.

In 1999 Kathy began being seen in backstage segments of WWE programming as an EMT know as BB short for Barbara Bush. She officially debuted months later when she helped The Kat from choking after her match against Ivory. Ivory ripped BB's top off and embarrassed her prompting BB to become involved in the Evening Gown Pool match for the WWE Women's Championship at Armageddon and was a lumberjill in the first ever Lumberjill snow bunny match between The Kat and Hervina. BB was second eliminated in the match and after that she also became involved in more Diva matches and segments and took part in high-profile Diva photo shoots. BB was last seen in WWE being stalked by The Dudley Boyz who eventually caught up with her and Powerbombed her through a table.

Kathy turned up in WCW with dyed red hair as the on-screen wife and valet of Kwee Wee and was called Papaya. She appeared twice there before disappearing and later, rumors emerged that her supposed husband Hardcore Holly had told her not to continue working there.

In 2002 Kathy appeared in NWA-TNA under her WCW name Taylor Vaughn and took part in the Miss NWA-TNA Champion match which she won. On August 7, 2002,She wrestled Bruce for the title, lost, and was not seen again in NWA-TNA.

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WWF: Cathy Dingman
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