Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Bette Boucher Story

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The Bette Boucher Story
By Mike Mooneyham
Dec. 10, 2006

Barbara Ellison stands barely 5 feet tall, and loves to talk about gardening and grandchildren.

She's also pretty good at throwing a fishing line or a softball when she's not working at the Summerville Lowe's where she has been a fixture for the past 13 years.

Her Boston accent has been slightly compromised by living in the Lowcountry for nearly half of her 63 years, and the mix has given her a pleasant tone that is assertive yet soothing.

But don't let her soft, grandmotherly demeanor fool you.

For once upon a time, when pro wrestling was a weekly staple on grainy, black and white television, Ellison - known then by her stage name of Bette Boucher - was a queen of the mat. And although she wrestled professionally for less than 10 years, she carved out a special piece of ring history by winning the women's world heavyweight wrestling championship in 1967.

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