Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Debra Ann Miceli - Madusa Part 4

After her title reign came to a close, Madusa would continue to feud with Oklahoma for a few more weeks. In on-camera interviews, Oklahoma would often poke fun at the amount of plastic surgery Madusa has legitimately had over the years. On the February 7, 2000 edition of Nitro, Oklahoma brought out a doctor by the name of Dr. Jeter. Dr. Jeter claimed that Madusa was one of his clients and that he had done cosmetic surgery on her. Jeter claimed that he did a nose job, eye job, lip job, boob job, and even a buttock augmentation on Madusa. Oklahoma then said that Madusa had no place in the WCW Women's Division and that there wasn't anything natural about Madusa. Madusa eventually came out and beat up both Oklahoma and Dr. Jeter. The conclusion of Madusa's feud with Oklahoma occurred on the February 21, 2000 edition of Nitro in a match where she was disguised as La Parka for a match with The Artist Formerly Known as Prince Iaukea. Because "La Parka" was looking thin - not to mention voluptuous in the chest - Oklahoma could easily tell that this was an imposter. Oklahoma then ripped off the mask to reveal an embarrassed Madusa. The real La Parka then entered the ring and hit Oklahoma with a chairshot.

WCW didn't have much in the way for Madusa creatively and she only made a few appearances during the rest of the year. She then became an instructor at the WCW Power Plant to help train the females for wrestling matches. She did that until the foreclosure of the company in 2001. Before WCW's collapse, she engaged in a brief feud with Torrie Wilson and Shane Douglas. The two defeated Madusa and Billy Kidman at WCW Fall Brawl in a mixed tag team scaffold match. Madusa wrestled exactly one match after she left WCW as she wrestled Beth Phoenix at an independent show in Arizona in May of that year. She retired from pro wrestling for good in 2001.

Debra Ann Miceli - Madusa

Madusa has had a number of cosmetic surgery procedures performed on her body over the years. She has gotten rhinoplasty surgery on at least one occasion. She has gotten a breast augmentation on at least two occasions. She has also gotten a breast reduction. Cosmetic surgery has played a tremendous factor in the changes to Madusa's physical appearance over the years. Sometimes it would even carry over into the ring.

Cosmetic surgery was the catalyst to an injury storyline during her time in the WWF. The night after WrestleMania XI on Monday Night RAW, the debuting Rhonda Singh jumped her from behind and brutally attacked her. Alundra Blayze was out of action for five months. According to the storyline, Rhonda Singh had broken Alundra Blaze's nose and she had to lay at home to recover. The storyline was furthered when WWF Magazine printed a photo of a bed-ridden Alundra Blayze. In reality, Madusa needed to take some time off to get breast implants, not to mention a nose job. Rhonda Singh recalled, "Madusa was going away, and she was getting new boobs and a new nose. For three months, it was going to be Nakano and I. She was going to drop the belt to me, Madusa was going to come back after a while, we'd add a few more girls and make it a legitimate women's division. Eventually, Madusa and I would battle for the belt and it was undecided from there."

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