Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Military Press Slam in Female Wrestling

You know sometimes when you are beating up an opponent, you really feel the need to just lift them up and press them over your head.
I guess it's one of the ultimate shows of dominance.
But in female wrestling, this move is not seen a whole lot.
Except for a few women.
Even with the cooperation of your opponent, you have to have the upper body strength to pull this move off....and unfortunately a lot of the models turned wrestlers today do not have that.
But it's been done....

Here is the Bertha Faye aka Monster Ripper aka Rhonda Singh with (I believe) Sherri Martel over her head.
The sad thing about this picture is that neither of these ladies are still with us.

Another former WWE Superstar that used to regularly put her opponents up over her head is Beth Phoenix.
Beth not only did things like this, but I have seen her fireman carry two female wrestlers at once.
Actually I saw her do it with two male wrestlers....

The Military Press Slam in Female Wrestling

And another former WWE Diva and former TNA Knockout Lisa Marie Varon used to press her opponents up over her head on a regular basis.
Let's see Alicia Fox do that....

Victoria vs. Trish Stratus
    Victoria vs. Trish Stratus

    Beth Phoenix at it again
Again with Beth Phoenix, this time with Eve

And Beth Phoenix yet again....

Another shot of Victoria pressing Trish Stratus overhead

Nia Jax pressing Ruby Riott

Kavita Devi pressing Dakota Kai 

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