Thursday, October 6, 2011

Su Yung - Goodbye FCW, Hello MLW

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I've done a couple of write up on the lovely female wrestler Su Yung here, but I didn't really get to do anything about her when she was at FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling) because for some strange reason in August, FCW released her.
I cannot figure out why either.
Look at this match from FCW where Su (as Sonia) and Audrey Marie take on AJ Lee and Aksana.

I think Sonia was a great heel.
Notice how she smiles and almost laughs as she works the trapezius claw on AJ?

I really can't see what more the WWE was looking for in a new wrestler.
Beautiful and sadistic.
She really had potential.

But dont feel too bad.
This five foot seven, 115 pound beauty is back where she started now at Magnificent Ladies Wrestling.
And she is also doing some work for

And there's always...TNA.

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