Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sweet Saraya - Saraya Knight - Julia Hamer

Sweet Saraya - Saraya Knight - Julia Hamer

Last time I did female UK wrestler Britani Knight, so this time, it's only fitting that I write abit about her mother.
Julia Hamer (better known as Sweet Saraya or Saraya Knight) was born in 1971 in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England.
She's five foot seven, 126 pounds and was trained by her husband, "Rowdy" Ricky Knight.
She and Ricky have two children together and they are both wrestlers.
Britani (that I mentioned last time) and Zak Zodiak. Another son (I think he is a stepson) Zebra Kid also wrestles.

Since her wrestling debut back in 1992, she has held the Herts and Essex Women's Championship, the Queens of Chaos World Queens of Chaos Championship, the Premier Wrestling Federation Ladies Tag Team Championship (with Britani Knight), the Real Quality Wrestling Women's Championship, and the World Association of Wrestling British Championship.

Besides her own career in the ring, she has also helped train wrestlers like her daughter, Ashe, Kraft, Melodi and Scott Fusion.

Here is mother vs daughter, Sweet Saraya vs Britani Knight

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