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Britani Knight - UK Female Wrestler

Britani Knight - UK Female Wrestler

Female pro wrestler from the UK Britani Knight was born Saraya-Jade Bevis in 1991 in Norwich, England.
Now if you are really into wrestling, or you know British wrestling, the name "Saraya" will ring a bell.
Well that's because Britani's mother is British female grappler, Sweet Saraya.
Not only that, but her father is wrestler "Rowdy” Ricky Knight, and both her brothers Zebra Kid and Zak Zodiac are pro wrestlers.
Sounds almost like one of the lucha libre families doesn't it?

Britani was trained at the WAW Academy and made her pro wrestling debut in 2005.
She has worked for wrestling promotions all over Europe like RQW (Real Quality Wrestling), BCC (Be.Catch Company), WAW, DPW, RDW, NWF and many more.

On March 26th, 2011, Britani and her mother (now called Saraya Knight) made their debut here in the States wrestling for Shimmer Women Athletes.

During her career so far, Britani has held the Herts & Essex Wrestling (HEW) Women's Championship (twice), the Premier Wrestling Federation (PWF) Ladies Tag Team Championship (with Sweet Saraya), the Pro-Wrestling: EVE Championship, the Real Quality Wrestling (RQW) Women's Championship, and the World Association of Women's Wrestling (WAWW) British Ladies Tag Team Championship (once with Melodi).

Back in November of 2010, Britani had a tryout match with the WWE, but wasn't signed.

But on April 20th, 2011, she was signed by the WWE after her second try-out.

UPDATE: Maybe not.
Britani posted on her Facebook page: "Woahhh thanks the congratulations but i dont even know whats going on yet! Hopefully though guys fingers crossed!"

You can check out her Facebook fan page here:

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