Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Leva Bates - Women of Wrestling

Leva Bates - Women of Wrestling

Leva Bates is so cool.
I have seen pictures of her at comic book conventions, dressed up as superheroes and anime charcters.
She's like a female Indy wrestler version of the Hurricane, only better.
Leva is five foot two, 120 pounds and she's from Gotham City (?) Florida.
(Really she's from Madisonville, Kentucky)
She was trained by Team 3D Academy and made her pro wrestling debut in March 0f 2007 and has worked for a ton of wrestling promotions like SHIMMER, Full Impact Pro, Coastal Championship Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Fusion and World Xtreme Wrestling.
Though she was never on the TNA roster, she did show up on TNA during Awesome Kong’s $25,000 Challenge.

Leva Bates - Women of Wrestling

And here's the video from March 29th, 2008 of Leva taking on Kong...

05-29-08 - TNA - Kong VS Leva Bates
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There are a variety of ways you can keep up with Leva....
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