Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mia Yim Updates

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Things have been happening quite fast for the lovely Mia Yim since I did my last write up on her.

She took on former WWE diva Mickie James in a match at Maryland Championship Wrestling, and had a try-out match (with Taylor Wilde) for TNA wrestling.
Unfortunately Mia didn't get picked up by TNA.
Their loss.
I think Mia would have made a great addition to a struggling TNA roster.
You know, the only spark of life the Knockouts division had was when they started hiring Indy female wrestlers.

But don't fret for Mia.
She'll be staying plenty busy working for wrestling promotions like ROH (Ring of Honor), CZW (Combat Zone Wrestling) and more.

As I mentioned last time, you can keep up with Mia here...
and here...
and her Facebook fanpage here:

Mia Yim Updates, posted to on August 14th, 2010
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