Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wrestlicious - Wrestling News and Rumors

Wrestlicious - wrestling news and rumors

Here is the latest video for the upcoming Wrestlicious female wrestling show.

(By the way Wrestlicious people, many thanks for allowing embedding so that we can help spread the word.)

Even though they dont as of yet have a distributor, they have built up a presense on the web.

They have a MySpace page:
(I'm in their top forty friends! Go me!)

A Facebook page:

And a Twitter account:

And of course their own YouTube channel:

(Yes JV Rich I am giving you all kinds of free PR here...LOL)

Without a network deal (Fox was mentioned in the beginning stages of the promotion, but it looks like that is gone now) it looks like Wrestlicious' best bet is syndication.
Why not?
That's what made GLOW a cult hit.
And you have to look at this as a reboot in a way.
I almost wish they could have gotten the rights to the original GLOW characters and actually made the show a reboot of GLOW.
But hey, you dont get famous by just reusing the other guys ideas do you?
(Okay...I know, don't tell the motion picture industry that)

The upside of Wrestlicious is that from what I have seen of their roster, most (if not all) of their wrestlers can really...ummm...wrestle.
(Side note here, could Wrestlicious please put out an actual roster list so I don't have to keep guessing?)
That puts them ahead of one of the "other" major wrestling promotions.
And it gives lots of Indy female wrestlers a chance to shine.
So I'll be watching the show when it comes out for that reason if nothing else.

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