Friday, September 11, 2009

PWI Female 50 - The Independents

Pro Wrestling Illustrated just released their 2009 "PWI Female 50" list.
The top female wrestler as everyone probably knows by now is Mickie James.
But what about the Independent wrestlers?

Well I looked at the list and cut the WWE Divas and TNA Knockouts out (though to be really fair, a lot of the TNA Knockouts still do Indy shows but for this I took them out).
So after removing those wrestlers, we are left with this....

MsChif - Womens Pro Wrestling

1. MsChif
2. Sara Del Rey
3. Mercedes Martinez
4. Daizee Haze
5. Angel Orsini
6. Rain
7. Amber O'Neal
8. Jetta
9. Lufisto
10. Madison Eagles
11. Nevaeh
12. Wesna Busic
13. Portia Perez
14. Danyah
15. Ariel
16. Jennifer Blake
17. Nichole Matthews
18. Serena Deeb
19. Allison Danger
20. Melia Hosaka
21. Lexie Fyfe
22. Jamie D
23. Amy Lee
24. Annie Social
25. April Hunter
26. Cherry Bomb
27. Jessie McKay

Now if they will just do a Luchadora and Joshi PWI Female 50, I'll be happy.

posted to, Sept 11th, 2009
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