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Tammy Lynn Sytch - Sunny - Part 1

Tammy Lynn Sytch - Sunny

Tammy Lynn Sytch was born December 7, 1972, in Matawan, New Jersey.
She is a professional wrestling manager and personality who achieved her greatest success as Sunny for the WWF during the 1990s and is considered the first WWE Diva. She also performed under her own name in ECW, WCW and Ring of Honor.

Tammy started out traveling with her boyfriend, wrestler Chris Candido. Then she did some camera work for the New Jersey-based WWA. She first appeared onscreen as Tammy Lynn Fytch in Smoky Mountain Wrestling in 1993. She played a rich, spoiled brat, who was billed as having come from Wellesley College and who idolized Hillary Clinton. ( Hillary Clinton? Man it seems longer ago than that) Tammy Fytch became extremely hated by the fans in Smoky Mountain Wrestling. She managed Candido, Brian Lee, and Boo Bradley. Both Sytch and Candido left the promotion in December 1994 for jobs with the WWF.

In 1993, Tammy was contracted by the WWF as Tamara Murphy and began appearing on "Live Event News" segments during syndicated WWF television shows where she would promote local WWF house show events. Tammy and Chris appeared on a handful of WWF shows as Team Spirit, a short-lived gimmick similar to the recurring Saturday Night Live "Spartan Cheerleaders" skit. The gimmick, however, never made its way on to television.
Thank goodness.

By the summer of 1995, Tammy and Chris were renamed Sunny and Skip. They began appearing on WWF television as the heel fitness fanatics, The Bodydonnas. In 1996, Tammy won two Slammy Awards, "Best Buns" and "Best Manager". She also won Pro Wrestling Illustrated's Manager of the Year Award. Sunny was also featured on Entertainment Tonight on one occasion where they highlighted her popularity at the time. Sunny then began an angle where she manipulated Phineas Godwinn, of the World Tag Team Championship duo The Godwinns, into believing she was interested in him. She then turned on The Godwinns and helped The Smokin' Gunns win the WWF Tag Team Championship. On a June 1996 edition of WWF Superstars, The Godwinns got their revenge when Phineas dumped a bucket of "slop" on her.

Tammy Lynn Sytch - Sunny

Sunny began a short career as a guest ring announcer, referee, and t-shirt model after briefly becoming the manager of Faarooq Asad. At the same time, she began having legitimate off-screen problems with Rena "Sable" Mero. Candido left the WWF for ECW without Tammy, and it was not long before she began making guest appearances in ECW with him as well.

In 1998, Sunny briefly became the manager for the reformed Road Warriors as "Legion of Doom 2000". This was her final position with the company before her release in mid-summer 1998. The company released her after repeated no-shows and questionable excuses, particularly when she told Linda McMahon she had miscarried after missing a weekend of shows. She could not produce any medical documentation, and they insisted she check into rehab. She refused and was subsequently released from the company.

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