Monday, March 17, 2008

Sherri Martel, part 4

She managed Ted DiBiase until early 1992 and then parted ways with him after she announced that she was in love with Shawn Michaels; she also sang Michaels theme song called "Heartburn", then renamed Sexy Boy. She would go on to manage Michaels during his feuds with Bret Hart and Rick Martel (who had a flirtatious relationship with Martel). She also appeared on Family Feud during this time, representing the WWF. During this time, Michaels had a brief feud with Savage, and Sherri attacked both Elizabeth and Mike McGuirk at ringside during the matches. One night in late 1992, Marty Jannetty, Michaels' former tag team partner, entered the ring before one of Michaels' matches. He grabbed Martel's mirror; and when he swung the mirror at Michaels, Michaels pulled Martel in front of him, and she was smashed with the mirror. Martel disappeared but returned to the WWF at the 1993 Royal Rumble. She was in a neutral corner for the match between Michaels and Jannetty. Near the end of the match, Martel confronted Michaels outside the ring and slapped him. At the end of the match, she entered the ring to smash him with her shoe, but he ducked, and she hit Jannetty instead. Michaels finished the match and won, while Martel fled the ring in tears. Backstage, Michaels confronted her, and Jannetty came to her rescue.

The following week, Martel thanked Jannetty, and she later appeared in his corner for a match against a jobber. There were rumors that the WWF was planning to hire Madusa and promote a Martel/Jannetty vs. Michaels/Madusa feud, but Jannetty left the WWF before this ever happened. Martel was soon left without anyone to manage and found herself accompanying Crush and Randy Savage to the ring for their matches against Michaels at house shows. Most matches ended when Martel would be invited into the ring, and she would slap Michaels.

At WrestleMania IX, Martel accompanied Tatanka for his match against Michaels, who brought Luna Vachon with him. After the match, Luna attacked Martel, and they began feuding. On the April 12, 1993 edition of RAW, Martel attacked Luna in the first women's segment on RAW. This erupted into a catfight that spilled into the audience, and both women ripped each other's clothes off. Throughout April and May 1993, Martel also appeared in United States Wrestling Association (USWA). She wrestled Miss Texas (Jacqueline) and helped Randy Savage in his feud against Jerry Lawler (who ripped off Martel's dress after she interfered in a steel cage match). On May 31, 1993 Martel appeared in the returning Jannetty's corner for his match against Bam Bam Bigelow on RAW. After the match, Martel called Luna into the ring for a fight. Bigelow interfered, and Tatanka ran to her rescue. During this time, Martel and Luna began having matches at WWF house shows. A couple of weeks later, Martel interrupted an interview with Bigelow, and Tatanka again came to her rescue. When Martel was scheduled to face Luna on TV one week, Luna came to the ring with her arm in a cast (she had broken it in an earlier match against Martel). Bigelow and Luna attacked Martel, and Tatanka yet again saved her. This was going to lead to a mixed tag team match pitting Martel/Tatanka against Luna/Bigelow at the 1993 SummerSlam, but Martel was fired for not passing a drug test . In interviews granted at the time (as well as an article appearing in the WWF Magazine), it was claimed that Martel left the WWF to attend cosmetology school.

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