Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Mitzi Muller - UK Wrestling

Wrestler: Miss Mitzi Muller
Hometown: United Kingdom
Trained by: Joe Connolly (her father)
Debut: 1963 (at the age of 14!)
Favorite wrestling moves: Head Scissors, Body Scissors, Armbars, Flying Mare

" Mitzi was one of the UK's first women wrestlers and her husband Brian Dixon is a wrestling promoter. In fact they first met when Brian refereed a match of Mitzi's against Hellcat Haggerty, accidentally stepping on Mitzi's long blonde hair whilst doing so! Mitzi eventually forgive Brian and they did get married as they toured together around the UK. They have a daughter Letitia, who toured as well before deciding to become a wrestling announcer. She's just married Dean, who is - you guessed it - a wrestler!"

" K.Os are not the norm in women's bouts as being of lighter build it is not always possible for a woman to land a K.O. blow. K.Os I have witnessed include a judo chop to the breasts delivered by Mitzi Muller on Sue Brittain, this brought an instant K.O. "

Here is an interview with Mitzi Muller posted on YouTube

Mitzi Muller - UK Wrestling, posted to http://womensprowrestling.blogspot.com/ on 10-2-2007

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