Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Womens Pro Wrestling - Missy Sampson

Wrestler: Missy Sampson
Real Name: Missy Sampson
Born: December 13, 1978, Abington, Pennsylvania
Marital Status: Single
Height & Weight: 5'7" - 165 lbs
Trained by: Angel Amoroso, Heidi Lee Morgan, IWA Cruel School
Pro Wrestling Debut: 1995
Previous Gimmicks: Luscious Lily, Jade
Finishing Move: The Gutbuster
Favorite Wrestling Moves: Spinning Heel Kick, Implant DDT, Bodyslam/Backbreaker Combo
Notable Feuds: 21st Century Fox, Alicia, Alere Little Feather

Womens Pro Wrestling - Missy Sampson

Her GLORY page:

Her webshots page with photos:

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