Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Missy Hyatt - Part 2

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Missy Hyatt eventually returned to her role as commentator and hosted WCW Main Event. She soon began a feud with fellow commentator, Paul E. Dangerously. This feud led to various competitions between the competitors and saw her defeat him in an arm wrestling match at the Clash of Champions on January 30, 1991 after she removed her jacket to reveal her low cut top as the ref started the contest.

Hyatt returned to managing in 1994 as the manager of The Nasty Boys. She also briefly managed Ric Flair and The Barbarian.

During a match, Hyatt jumped off the ring apron and her breast popped out of her top. When she went to the WCW offices the next day, they had a blown up picture of it on the wall. Hyatt complained to her boss at the time, Eric Bischoff. Bischoff didn't take action and Hyatt went over his head to his boss. As a result of this, Bischoff released her. Missy then decided to file a sexual harassment lawsuit against WCW.

In 1997, Hyatt joined ECW. She was part of a sexual harassment angle where she kissed Stevie Richards against his will and he filed a lawsuit. This angle ended and she managed Sandman in his feud with Raven and had many catfights with Sandman's wife, Lori.

When Hyatt left ECW, she still worked for various independent promotions.

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