Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Liz Chase - Female Pro Wrestlers

Liz Chase - Women's Pro Wrestling

Wrestler: Liz Chase
Real Name: Elizabeth Chase
Birthday: February 1, 1959
Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Height & Weight: 5'4" - 134 lbs
Trained by: Fabulous Moolah
Pro Wrestling Debut: 1981
Finishing Move: The Super Suplex

She held the Sunshine Wrestling Federation Woman's title in 1997.
Liz helped train Prodigette (Riptide)

February 26, 2000: Elizabeth Chase passed away during surgery.

Liz Chase wrestling Lelani Kai:

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Rocky said...

This amazing woman and beautiful soul was my aunt, who passed away on the operating table in Costa Rica during a half-price tummy tuck. Early in her career, Liz immersed herself in bodybuilding, and a trist with a much-less-roided Terry Hogan ("Hulk" to the rest of us) got her into the entertainment sport. After winning the women's title, Liz gained weight and fell from the ranks. She then went to Japan, where the female wrestlers there are far more "real" in their tactics than their American counterparts. Liz took a major beating several times in the ring against dirty fighters and greedy promoters, and, battered and broken, moved to Florida with her now husband manager, where she wrestled alligators in her backyard swamp for tourists. Her desire for a comeback turned out to be her downfall, as an ill-advised cosmetic surgery in a foreign country took her life early. She is survived by 3 brothers, a sister, several cousins, at least one neice, and myself, her loving nephew.

redchow said...

Who is this really nasty heel with dark hair that still wrestles as Chainsaw Liz Chase and uses the tombstone piledriver as her finisher

redchow said...

I am so very very sorry to hear about sych a beautiful woman & wrestler. No matter if she was a babyface in the WWE or a nasty heel called Chainsaw Liz Chase in the south. She had changed so much in the video I refered to with dark hair and dark outfit plus was a wild heek I thought it wad to be someone else. Damn I hate that someone had that much control over her that she went to one of those quacks in Costa Rica for a half price tummy tuck that absolutely was not needed. I apolgize for any comment that mau have offended you. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to you.

Elizabeth Chase

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