Monday, August 6, 2007

Lita - Amy Dumas - WWE Divas

Wrestler Name: Lita
Real Name: Amy Christine Dumas
Born: April 14, 1975
Hometown: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Marital Status: Once dated Matt Hardy
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 135 lbs
Trained by: Kevin Quinn, Miguel Perez, Ricky Santana, The Hardy Boyz, Shannon Moore, Joey Abs, Dory Funk Jr., Essa Rios, Leilani Kai, Fit Finlay
Pro Wrestling Debut: 1999
Previous Gimmicks: Angelica (Indys and ECW), Miss Congeniality (ECW), Lita (WWF)
Finishing Move: Moonsault
Favorite Moves: Litacanrana, Head Scissor Takeover, Snap Suplex, Twist of Fate, Reverse Twist of Fate, Monkey Flip, DDT
Notable Feuds: Essa Rios, Stephanie McMahon, Dean Malenko, Edge and Christian,Trish Stratus, Chyna, Jazz, Molly Holly, Gail Kim , Matt Hardy , Christian, Kane, Ric Flair, John Cena, Mick Foley, Mickie James

Amy's not totally retired, on April 22nd, 2007, in the United Wrestling Federation, She and Jerry Lynn defeated Austin Starr and Christy Hemme.

Lita - Amy Dumas - WWE Divas

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