Monday, July 2, 2007

Letting Nancy Daus Sullivan Benoit Rest in Peace

The news of the death of Chris Benoit, his wife Nancy and son Daniel, along with the conflicting reports of Sherri Martel's dead have dominated this site since last Monday night when I first heard about it.
Small news continues to break, but I'm afraid the mystery will never be solved totally.
I don't buy the Roid Rage scenario, because rage doesn't last 3 days.
I still think the WWE had more prior knowledge than was let on. We all know Vince McMahon is the master of CYA, so we may never know more there either.
I'm going to go ahead and continue covering the other ladies of wrestling. There are lots of hard working women out there that devote their life to the sport, and its time to move on and cover them.
Should something major happen I'll report it, but there is a fine line between interest and ghoulishness.
I wish those left behind by these two events peace and some sort of closure.
And I will now move on here.

~~ Sabre ~~

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