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Jackie Moore - Part 2

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Jackie joined the WWF in the middle of 1998 as Jacqueline. She debuted as the on screen girlfriend of the heel Marc Mero and began a feud with Sable, the estranged wife of Mero. After Jacqueline and Sable traded insults on several occasions, Jacqueline challenged Sable to a bathing suit contest. The contest took place on July 26 at Fully Loaded, with Sable winning after she removed her halter top to reveal a painted on bikini top. However, the following evening on RAW, WWF Chairman Vince McMahon disqualified Sable as "body paint does not constitute a bikini", and Jacqueline was declared the winner and given the trophy.

Sable recruited Luna Vachon and the other Oddities to fight Jacqueline for her, and they helped Luna pin Jacqueline on the August 10 episode of RAW. After the match, Sable gave the unconscious Jacqueline's trophy to Luna. Jacqueline demanded that the trophy be returned, and faced Sable in an arm wrestling contest on the August 17 episode of RAW. During the contest, Jacqueline broke her grip and pushed the table into Sable's solar plexus, winding her and enabling Jacqueline to retrieve her trophy. Jacqueline then smashed the trophy over Sable's back.

Jacqueline and Mero teamed together to face Sable and a mystery opponent on August 30 at SummerSlam 1998. Sable's partner was revealed to be Edge, but he was sidelined for much of the match as Jacqueline dominated Sable, preventing her from tagging out. After Sable finally managed to tag Edge, he delivered the Downward Spiral to Mero and then placed Sable atop him, thus winning the match for himself and Sable and humiliating Mero by causing him to lose to his wife.

After Sable defeated Jacqueline in an evening gown match on the September 14 episode of RAW, Jacqueline demanded a singles bout with Sable. The match aired on the September 21 episode of RAW. With the revived WWF Women's Wrestling Championship on the line (the Women's Championship had been abandoned in January 1996), Jacqueline defeated Sable after Mero tripped Sable and held her foot down, preventing her from kicking out of Jacqueline's pin.

Jacqueline and Sable continued to feud, and Jacqueline cut off Sable's ponytail on the October 5 episode of RAW. While Jacqueline enjoyed a strong run as champion, squashing challengers such as Molly Holly, Mero began to lose more and more frequently. On October 26, Sable challenged Jacqueline to a title match at Survivor Series 1998. With Shane McMahon acting as referee, Sable defeated Jacqueline to become the new WWF Women's Champion.

Jacqueline and Mero separated on the November 22 episode of Sunday Night HEAT, and the jilted Jacqueline formed a new stable of women known as the Pretty Mean Sisters (a pun on "P.M.S.") with Terri Runnels, who was separated from her husband, Goldust. During a match between Mero and Goldust on the November 23 episode of WWE RAW, Jacqueline and Terri entered the ring and low-blowed both men.

In January 1999, Terri claimed to have suffered a miscarriage after she was knocked of the ring apron by D'Lo Brown. The guilty Brown became a servant to P.M.S., who forced him to wrestle his friend, Mark Henry. The deception lasted until February 1, when the ringside doctor told Brown that Terri had not been pregnant. P.M.S. then feuded with Brown by costing him matches and attacking his new manager, Ivory. Jacqueline returned to the women's division in March 1999, and on the April 12 episode of RAW, she, Ivory, Tori, and Sable took part in a four way match for the Women's Wrestling Championship. The match was declared a no-contest after Sable's bodyguard Nicole Bass stormed the ring and chokeslammed the three challengers.

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