Sunday, May 6, 2007

Wrestler: Shelly Martinez/Desire/Shelly/Halloween Barbie/Cle-Ho-Patra/Ariel

Before she was Ariel on ECW, Shelly Martinez wrestled.
Yes wrestled, she didnt hang upside down on ropes and hiss, she got in the ring.

Martinez was trained and first wrestled in Southern California, appearing in several independent promotions; most notably Ultimate Pro Wrestling, Revolution Pro Wrestling, and Empire Wrestling Federation where she worked as the (kayfabe) sister of Melina Perez.

In April of 2005, Shelly Martinez signed a developmental contract with the World Wrestling Entertainment and began working in OVW.

With the launch of the new ECW weekly on Sci Fi (June 20, 2006 ) , Shelly Martinez debuted in a big way, she starting the show as a tarot card reader in a backstage segment. She carried the alias "Ariel." As weeks past, backstage segments continued, she was joined by Kevin Thorn, in which they both took on vampire roles and accompanied him in his matches.

Ariel had a short lived feud against Francine which climaxed on September 26th 2006 on Sci Fi as Ariel and Francine fought to a No Contest Catfight. Francine was released, and the next ECW vixen she got into altercations with was Kelly Kelly, in which the two had catfights and diva contests.

During this time, Ariel continued to work OVW shows, including matches against Beth Phoenix and ODB. Where she actually wrestled.

Now Shelly is basically eye candy.
Dont get me wrong, shes GREAT eye candy, but Vince, the woman CAN wrestle. She was trained at UPW, like John Cena, Chris Masters, Victoria, Jon Heidenreich, Mike "The Miz" Mizanin, Melina, Ryan Sakoda,Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe!

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