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Erin Angel - Womens Wrestling UK

Erin Angel - Womens Wrestling UK

Erin Marshall is an English female wrestler best known by her ring name Erin Angel, often nicknamed "Little" due to her short stature of only four feet, eleven inches.

Still early in her career, at the age of 19, she is in the top eight of women wrestlers in the United Kingdom, and is well known as working as a valet for wrestlers.

Erin Angel describes her gimmick in wrestling as "I'm a little angel...until you cross me!" Angel works a mixed style of wrestling, as she has been taught in the British old-school style, however she is known to mix this up with new school, and high flying styles. Erin Angels ring gear is often pink and made of PVC, she has stated her favorite costume is her chaps set (black with pink).

Erin Marshall was born in Southampton and was trained by Drew McDonald, Doug Williams, Phil Powers, and Jonny Storm. She made her first competitive appearance at the age of 16 in a battle royal. During one of her early Holiday camp tours, she suffered a concussion at the hands of a male wrestler.

The biggest win in Erin Angel's career is considered to be that against the 23 Stone UK female veteran Klondyke Kate, who she beat in a tag contest via disqualification.

Erin Angel - Womens Wrestling UK

Other career highlights include valeting Jake "The Snake" Roberts at a show in Croydon, defeating Simply Luscious when they competed in Erin Angel's home town of Southampton, and competing in France's Queens of Chaos promotion with some big name female wrestlers.

While wrestling in Real Quality Wrestling, a promotion run by her trainer Phil Powers, she defeated Nikita; a top female star in the UK. Erin Angel also went on to defeat Ashley Page and Skye in a triple threat match for a chance at RQW's newly created Women's championship. Erin Angel would go on to win this new title after defeating Sweet Saraya at the promotion's "A Night Of Champions" show. Erin Angel was removed as the Women's Champion not long after long time boyfriend Phil Powers left the company.

When not wrestling, you might find Erin Marshall swimming or at college studying social sciences. She also is a swimming instructor and enjoys listening to music, mainly Pop and Dance music. She also has a bulldog named Dolly.

Phil Powers and Erin Angel have been together for two years and have struck up a personal relationship. They currently run their own training school in Southampton.

Erin Angel - Womens Wrestling UK
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