Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Cora Combs - Female Wrestling

Wrestler: Cora Combs
Real Name:Cora Svonsteckik
Hometown: Hazard, Kentucky
Previous Gimmicks: Lady Satan
Notable Feuds: Ann Regan,Adriana Ames

Born into a family of coal miners in Hazard, Kentucky on March 17, 1923, Cora Svonsteckik had plans to leave the Appalachian range known as the Great Smoky Mountains. While attending high school, she was a star on the girls' track team and won honors in the high jump category. When Svonsteckik graduated, she ventured to Nashville, Tennessee with the dream of singing at the Grand Old Opry. Her vocal talents were good enough to become apart of a country western group known as the Trail Riders.

During her time away from singing, Cora attended wrestling matches at the famous Hippodrome in Nashville. It was her first exposure to live professional wrestling and she was easily drawn to the spectacle. Here Cora witnessed the acclaimed Women's World Champion Mildred Burke. In 1949, Cora was able to get in the backstage area and meet Nashville promoter Nick Gulas, who introduced her to renowned women's wrestling promoter and trainer Billy Wolfe. Cora brought her singing career to an end and moved to Columbus, Ohio to begin an intense training regime at Wolfe's wrestling school. It was not long before she was on the road seeing many parts of the country and wrestling some of the greats of the sport.

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