Saturday, April 7, 2007

Forwarded Message from Patti Powers about KC Kelly...

From Patti Powers:
KC Kelly
" As many of you probably know she lost her husband without warning last
week. She called Friday and is really just stressing out big time as
far as covering the cost of his funeral. She asked Marvin to just pay
for it for her but we don't have the money to just pay if all for her
and it's a scary time for us with his surgery just around the corner.
Lady Amazon has offered to help collect the funds for her so please
anyone who's able and willing to help her out no matter how small
please yell at her or me. You're welcome to email me privately as well
as check my group for updates on her.
She and he were talking last Tuesday and he just fell in the floor with
heart failure. He was a really nice guy and truly devoted to her and
very proud of her for wrestling.
Please do consider helping her out. It is a very stressful time for
her and she's just letting money worries drive herself crazy. My group is
Thanks, Patti Powers"

These ladies wrestle for the love of the sport. Their world is like that of Mildred Burke and the great classic ladies, not the WWE's Trish and Candice.
They love what they do and we love what they do.
So if anyone can do anything, even if its just sending out a call for help like this, please contact Patti at her group and let her know.

Thank you,
~~ Sabre ~~
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