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Candi Devine - Women Pro Wrestlers

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Candi Devine

Ring name(s) Christy Monroe,The Goddess,Candi Devine,Candi Divine,Lady Divine
Height 5'7
Weight 127 lbs.
Resides Nashville, Tennessee
Trained by: Owen Henley, Don Fargo, Joey Rossi
Pro Wrestling Debut: 1980

Candi Devine, (born Candace Rummel), was a professional wrestler. Devine (also known as Candi Divine) also had a sister who wrestled briefly as Rose Love and Rose Devine.

Candi started in wrestling by running a fan club for Lanny Poffo and working briefly as a ring girl for ICW in Kentucky. Candi Devine suffered an injury when Amy Monroe botched a monkey flip and hit her head on Devine's jaw in Memphis. Devine required hours of plastic surgery to repair her badly broken jaw and came close to dying on the operating table..

Candi Devine - Women Pro Wrestlers

Devine is best known for her time spent in the American Wrestling Association (AWA) fueding with Sherri Martel. She held the AWA Women's Championship on five separate occasions. She won a battle royal to fill the vacated title in 1984. Devine competed at AWA's SuperClash, WrestleRock '86, Battle by the Bay, and War in the Windy City cards. She was recognized as champion several times during that time period, mostly being awarded the belt by default as the number one contender (a common practice of the AWA), and trading it with Martel.

She was very active in the AWA in late 1989 and throughout 1990 as part of the Team Challenge Series, wrestling in mixed tag team matches and in singles matches against Wendi Richter and Magnificent Mimi. She won the title the final time on December 6, 1989 when she defeated Judy Martin to determine the new Women's Champion after Richter vacated the belt.

She also spent time in the Ladies Professional Wrestling Association (LPWA) as The Goddess.

On June 9, 1991, Rockin' Robin defeated Devine to become the first UWF Women's Champion at UWF Beach Brawl, the company's first and only pay-per-view. Devine won the UWF Women's Championship in 1994 after she defeated Tina Moretti, and again in 1996.

Candi Devine occasionally does local shows for and Candi Devine defeated Bambi on a USWO card on October 14, 2005.

Candi Divine now resides in Nashville where she works as a physical trainer.

Candi Devine vs Reggie Bennett

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