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WWF: Stacy " The Kat " Carter, part 2

On October 29th, Eddie Guerrero (as part of his feud with Chyna) challenged Chyna to a match on Sunday Night Heat. Instead, The Kat would come out in her 'Chynette' clothing to Chyna's music, which led to a match on the following RAW between Eddie and Chyna, with The Kat in Eddie's corner. After Chyna failed to win, she took out her fustrations on The Kat by hitting her with a Chyna Bomb. The angle was then dropped at the request of Chyna.

After this, The Kat would make only occasional appearances on WWE programming, but not in any major feud or match. One such occasion saw her dressed in a red furry bikini, Santa hat, and robe, giving presents to Jerry 'The King' Lawler.

At No Way Out 2001 Steven Richards defeated Jerry 'The King' Lawler after The Kat accidentally hit Lawler with Ivory's Women's Championship belt. As a result of pre-match stipulations, The Kat was forced to join Right to Censor. Had The King won, The Kat would have been 'free to strip' and allowed to expose her breasts to the crowd. Also as a result of the loss, The Kat was forced to wear a black bag over her body with 'censored' written on it whenever she was on TV.

On February 27th, Carter was released from the WWF because Vince McMahon decided not to end the angle with the Right to Censor. It was rumoured that The Kat was fired because of a negative backstage attitude and worries that if she was made any more popular, she would be 'impossible to control'.

No further mention of her was made on WWF programming, except for a backstage promo by the Right to Censor where Steven Richards asked Val Venus "How could you let her do that to you?" regarding the storyline where the The APA and The King had The Kat 'seduce' Val. The WWE went ahead with the promo, simply leaving out any mention of who 'her' was. The WWF also changed the match at WrestleMania X-Seven to feature Tazz instead of The King, as he had left the WWF in protest of The Kat being released. The Kat was never mentioned again on WWE programming, but images of her (mostly of her about to expose her breasts at Armageddon 1999) were used in promos featuring the history of the Divas.

Stacy Carter worked in a doctor's office before meeting Jerry Lawler at a charity softball game in Memphis, Tennessee on July 23, 1989. Lawler and Carter became a couple, and Carter then trained as a cosmetologist before opening her own hair salon called "A Perfect Cut". In 1996, she began working alongside Lawler. Carter appeared in the film Man on the Moon (1999) as the girlfriend of Jerry Lawler. Carter married Jerry Lawler on September 29, 2000 in Las Vegas, Nevada, becoming the stepmother of Lawler's son Brian "Grandmaster Sexay" Lawler, despite being just three months older than him.

In 2001, Carter had meetings with Hugh Hefner about posing for Playboy. However, when she was fired from the WWF, Playboy decided not to negotiate so as not to risk damage to their mutually lucrative relationship with the Federation (Sable and Chyna had both appeared in issues which sold very well). Her firing led to Lawler actually walking out on the WWF (He returned later that year).

Carter and Lawler separated in July 2001 and later divorced, and on March 10, 2003, Carter was awarded a cash settlement and ownership of Lawler's condominium in Fort Myers, Florida, where she currently resides. Lawler was subsequently fined over his discussion of their relationship in his book It's Good to be the King...Sometimes because of a court order that prohibited him from making "disparaging remarks" about her.

Carter now works in the field of real estate in Southwest Florida and has completely severed all connections with the wrestling industry.
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