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Comparing Today's Divas to the Divas of the Attitude Era

Today's post is a little different.
It comes from guest writer Adam Hayes.
Adam hails from New York City where he is a marketing associate by day and blogger by night. He has attended over 30 WWE events and his favorite wrestler of all time is Randy Orton.

Comparing Today's Divas to the Divas of the Attitude Era

The World Wide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE for short) has existed for a long time. Originally
known as Titan Sports Inc in 1980, the WWE has gone through several name changes before
arriving at its current popular name. Owned by and run by CEO Vince McMahon, the WWE has
the largest market share in the world of "Professional Wrestling." By focusing on largely on
entertainment and shock value, all WWE games are scripted with various storylines composed
of villains and heroes to draw attention to the fights and captivate fans. The artificial nature of
the WWE does not mean that the organization is devoid of any talent, between many male
wrestlers and female performers known as "Divas" the sport has had a rich history divided into
various eras. This article will compare the Diva's of the Attitude Era to the Diva's commonly seen in the WWE today.

The Attitude Era:

Before talking about Divas from the Attitude Era, it is important to note what exactly the Attitude
Era was. Beginning in 1997 and ending in 2001, the Attitude Era represented a rise in maturity
in the WWE (then known as the WWF). Mourning the departure of superstar Bret Hart from the
organization over real life conflicts with wrestler Shawn Michaels, the WWE increasingly
increased its appeal to adult audiences with a focus on adult humor and sexually suggestive
themes. This direction led to the resurrection of the Women's Division in the company and a
huge new role for Women.

Divas from the Attitude Era:

One of the main attractions of the Attitude Era, Divas, were an essential component to the
WWE. By participating in various storylines and gruesome, violent matches the Attitude Era
Divas roles were incredibly similar to most men in the WWE. Diva's like Trish Stratus, known as
a "Diva of the Decade," the six-time Women's Champion demonstrated her increased role by
having an alleged affair with the owner of the WWE Vince McMahon and turning his wife to file a
divorce. Another prominent Diva of the time was Stacy Keibler, formerly part of different
wrestling organization known as the WCW (World Championship Wrestling) that later merged
with the WWE, Stacy was known for her provocative nature in and out of the ring. Nicknamed
"the Legs of WWE" due to her height, the Diva participated in numerous on-screen relationships
and rivalries during her seven-year career.

Differences between Divas of the Attitude Era to Divas Today:

The attitude era was a time where the WWE turned to a much more direction; this meant that
Divas played very provocative roles and were involved in many actions considered Taboo today
that is not found in the Divas today. Previous Attitude Era Diva Lita, also believed that the
"women of The Attitude Era did a good job at figuring out who they were and what they wanted
to portray.". This quote reflects the added personality of the attitude era Divas, which were more vibrant compared to the one's today.

Overall, the Attitude Era Divas were much more provocative and important compared to Divas today.

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